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"I'll feed you to my babies and fertilize the garden with what was left."
— Marguerite

Marguerite Baker (マーガレット・ベイカー Māgaretto Beikā?) was a resident of the Baker ranch household, a mansion in Dulvey, Louisiana. She was the wife of Jack Baker and mother of Zoe and Lucas Baker.


Early lifeEdit

Marguerite was the matriarch of the Baker family, which consisted of her husband, Jack, and children, Lucas and Zoe. They lived on a large plantation in the Louisiana swamps, comprising a mansion and an older house, with mines and a pier nearby.

One Click Question - No.25 A Dream before the Nightmare!

Marguerite with Jack holding Eveline.

In 2014, the Baker family encountered Mia Winters and Eveline, who had been washed ashore after being shipwrecked, and decided to take them in. Unbeknownst to them, Eveline was a bio-organic weapon who possessed telepathic powers and was obsessed with having a family of her own.

Under Eveline's influence Edit

"You're gonna have a little sister, Zoe!"
— Marguerite searches for Zoe in the middle of the night.

RE7 Lantern 6

Marguerite catching Mia Winters.

Eveline slowly infected both Mia and the Baker family with her mold. Marguerite consulted a doctor, who advised her to come back for further testing, as they had found mold on her skull during an x-ray.[2] She planned to return to the doctor, but Eveline's infection would consume her before she could, and the newly possessed Marguerite would now view her infection as a "gift". She hid a D-Series Arm in Eveline's room to keep it safe, as it could be manufactured as a serum to eliminate the "gift" in a victim's body.

As a result of the infection, Marguerite gained the ability to produce and control mutant insects that hatched from Eveline's mold.

As the infection's hold over them strengthened, the family withdrew from community life completely, causing the locals to declare them dead and label sightings of the infected family members as supernatural phenomena. In actuality, Marguerite and her family were capturing people and turning them into Molded, which would add to the "family" Eveline wanted. They kept a list of the people they killed and turned, as well as newspapers reporting the dramatic increase in disappearances.

The family also turned to cannibalism, with most of the food Marguerite cooked being human body parts harvested from their victims. Zoe fled the house and hid out in the family trailer, where she guided kidnapped victims to escape. Marguerite and the family were aware of her "betrayal", however, and began antagonizing her.

In June 2017, three years after the arrival of Eveline, the American TV paranormal investigation series Sewer Gators investigated the house as a possible episode, resulting in the murders of producer Andre Stickland and presenter Peter Walken.[3] The crew's cameraman, Clancy Jarvis, was shackled to the bed in Jack and Marguerite's bedroom while Marguerite welcomed him and forced him to eat their food, planning for him to join their "family". While she was not present in the room, Clancy uncovered various puzzles which he would need to solve to make his escape, but in the process caused loud noises that forced him to return to the bed as the Baker matriarch returned.

Marguerite would bring more food and would become more antsy as Clancy refused to eat the food. Eventually, Marguerite returned to the bedroom just as Clancy was about to escape, leading him to lunge at her and stab her in the throat, which incapacitated her and allowed him to evade capture.

Ethan's arrival Edit

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead. It's time for supper."
— Marguerite welcomes a now conscious Ethan to dinner.

Baker family

Maruerite with her family and Ethan dinner.

Ethan Winters, Mia's husband, arrived at the Baker house a month after the incident with the Sewer Gators in response to an email he had received from Mia under the control of Eveline. Some time after Ethan and Mia reunited and were both captured by Jack, Mia escaped captivity[4][5] and recorded a message for Ethan while she attempted to flee from a pursuing Marguerite, who was also aware of Zoe's collusion in her escape attempts. The chase led into a crawlspace in the old house, where Margureite would corner Mia and capture her.

Marguerite would then prepare a meal of various human meats for the Baker family, as well as their "guest" Ethan in an attempt to "welcome" him into their lifestyle. However, after Ethan rejected and spat out the food upon Jack trying to force feed it to him, Marguerite became shocked and panicked, causing Jack to snap at her and force her to leave which she did so, visibly angry and upset, and screaming manically that he isn't eating his food. [6]

When Ethan entered the second house in search of the D-Series Arm which could create the serum, Marguerite encountered him once again, continually attacking him with her bugs as she stalked him throughout the old house. Eventually, she halted Ethan's progress to the second floor and trapped him in a deep hole where she sent her insects to attack him, but he was able to fight off the insects and wound her enough to cause her to fall into the hole. She desperately clung to her lantern, however, as she was enveloped in a pool of insects.

Final confrontation with Ethan and death Edit

"Come on now with me. We're going to settle this."
— Marguerite attacks Ethan in the greenhouse.

Ethan did not get far from the encounter before realizing that he needed Marguerite's lantern to progress further on the second floor. Upon returning to the hole, however, he witnessed an elongated arm belonging to the now mutated Marguerite snatch the lantern away through a small underground passage, which would lead to her taking refuge in a greenhouse. After Ethan followed and confronted her in the greenhouse, he finally dealt the killing blow to Marguerite, causing her to calcify and leave behind her lantern.

Aftermath Edit

Marguerite's death also marked the deaths of all of her insects. Jack would later learn about Marguerite's death, and while fighting Ethan at the boat house proceeded to sob and call out her name. While Ethan was cocooned later by Eveline, he saw a vision of Jack, who reveals that his family, including Marguerite, used to be good people. He then pled with Ethan to "free" his family from Eveline. After Ethan killed Eveline, he acknowledged that the Baker family were simply victims of Eveline's possession - as much victims as he and Mia.

Gameplay Edit

Marguerite is encountered in the "Mia" videotape (gameplay released earlier as the "Lantern" demo, indicative by Marguerite's lantern). As Mia, the player would have to evade Marguerite until getting captured by her in the crawlspace. She would roam the Old House to find her, and getting captured by her before the crawlspace event results in a game over.

While playing as Ethan, while on the second floor of the Main House outside the Recreation Room, the player can look outside and see Marguerite walk from Zoe's trailer to the path that leads to the Old House.

Marguerite later appears when the player obtains the Stone Statuette in the Old House and attempts to leave the Living Room. She will shout at the player, shutting the door in their face and covering it in spiders which prevents access unless the bugs are killed. After this encounter, she actively roams the Old House, and during this phase she will attack by sending swarms of bugs at the player if she spots them. If enough damage is done to her, an event will play where she knocks Ethan down and leaves, resulting in her no longer being present in the house.

The first boss battle with her occurs when the player has acquired the Crow Key and walks up the stairs to the locked door that leads to the Alter. An event will play where Marguerite throws Ethan down the stairs and onto the wooden floor which subsequently gives way, making the player fall into a hole. The fight consists simply of her standing at the top of the hole summoning her insects to attack, knocking the player back down if they try to climb out. After enough damage is done to her, she will collapse and fall into the hole wherein she is enveloped in a pool of bugs and slime which will continously damage the player if they do not proceed to climb out of the hole.

The final boss fight occurs with Marguerite when they enter the Greenhouse. The fight is initiated when the player walks up the stairs to the 2nd floor, where she will burst through the window and attempt to grab the player. If caught, the player must attack her to make her let go and retreat back through the window. If the player avoids her, she will retreat anyway. During this fight, Marguerite can crawl on the walls and attempt to grab the player from various hiding spots. She will flee and hide after being injured by Ethan, before returning to surprise or hunt him down. After landing enough hits at her, she would stand up and expose her weak spot - the insect hive at her stomach. Upon defeat, she leaves behind her Lantern which is required to progress further in the Old House.

Marguerite is the final boss of the Ethan Must Die mini-game, playing identically to her greenhouse boss fight in the main game.

Personality Edit

Marguerite was once a caring, loving, dutiful, kind, and traditional aged housewife who became twisted under Eveline's "gift", becoming a demented, sadistic, insane, and psychopathic shell of her former self. Even when she initially became infected by Eveline's gift, she showed some hints at her prior nature, where she tells Zoe to come out of hiding in a gentle manner to meet Eveline (a noticeable contrast with her treatment of Mia in a similar situation later on where she was very hostile even when she tries to find her), and will noticeably hesitate to harm Zoe and even fight off Eveline's control long enough for Marguerite to give Zoe a key to the family car so the latter can find help.

Marguerite still attempts to treat her "guests" with care, only to serve up human organs and Eveline's corrupting gift as meals. When her food is refused or she is challenged in general her sweet facade drops, revealing a violent and unhinged individual who threatens in the most disturbing ways imaginable. In some cases, she even reacts violently towards an individual simply to take her anger out for an unrelated event. This was best demonstrated during the Bedroom DLC where she marches into Clancy's "bedroom" and proceeds to repeatedly stab him almost to death due to extreme anger from an argument with Jack Baker, only stopping when the latter arrived to apologize for his earlier behavior.

Marguerite lives in a delusion where she is convinced she is being the best she can be, and as such cannot understand why her precious guests refuse to eat or constantly try to escape. This only worsens her rage, complete with psychotic fits as she hunted for Mia while screaming about the ungratefulness of her guests.

In the latter stages of her illness as she began to embrace Eveline's "Gift", Marguerite began to adopt a darkly religious and fanatical outlook in private affairs, making a "shrine" out of the D-series cranium briefcase, accepting the D-series arm from Eveline as a "gift of fortune" and threatening horrible retribution on anyone who dared to touch these gifts, even her own daughter.

She also seems to have a huge fondness for bugs, at least post-infection, to the extent that she takes offense at anyone using phrases that infer bugs get hurt. This is implied by Jack Baker when, while stating his intentions to "squish [Ethan] like a bug", he then worries about whether Marguerite heard him say that.


Out of all of the Baker family members, she is the most visibly inhuman upon receiving Eveline's "gift", sporting demonic eyes and gaining the ability to control mutant insects. Belying her frail appearance, Marguerite possesses superhuman strength and speed. Her speed is demonstrated by her hunting down an escaping Mia Winters: Upon detecting Mia, she is capable of outrunning her, and also proceeds to lift her up by the neck, and later dragging Mia by the legs with minimal effort in the crawlspace at the end of the video. She also demonstrated a similar speed burst when, after Clancy taunted her after she discovered he was missing from the bed, rushed into the nearby room and proceeded to lift him up, although Clancy proceeded to temporarily stun her by stabbing her in the neck. She also has the peculiar ability to control bugs, ranging from bees to spiders, when she fought Mia's husband Ethan in attempt to stop him from entering her "shrine" room, via use of a lantern.

Like the rest of the Baker family, she possesses the ability to regenerate from damage, although she is far from invincible. When stabbed by Clancy, she only reacts with irritation, although she does struggle in trying to get the knife out of her. When severely wounded by Ethan, she was covered by a strange liquid that damages Ethan's health and later appeared in a greenhouse with massively enlarged limbs, apparently having fused with them. In this state, she gained the ability to crawl along walls like an insect and would use this ability to ambush Ethan. More disturbingly, her lower abdomen becomes a swollen insect hive which she could discharge swarms toward Ethan, but would cause considerable pain to her as a weak spot if Ethan successfully damages it. Even prior to her transformation, however, she can partially morph by having a centipede-like creature emerge from her mouth. She demonstrated this first to Zoe in an attempt to show off Eveline's "gift", and later if she catches Clancy out of bed.

Quotes Edit

  • "Where do you think you're going?"
  • "I told you to stay outta here!"
  • "You're not going anywhere, mister."
  • "There you are! You gave us quite a scare, young lady!"
  • "I'm sick and tired over being sick and tired of your bullshit, girl."
  • "Why are you putting me through this?"
  • "What have I done to deserve this except open my home and feed you?"
  • "I don't understand you at all. This is a gift."
  • "This house—this house has seen more than you can imagine, and it knows."
  • "You just don't understand or is it that you just don't care?"
  • "I know you and Zoe are plotting. I know you are scheming."
  • "You think I don't know what you wanna do with that boy, Ethan?"
  • "Every step you take away from me, you spit in her face." (Lantern Demo)
  • "You best be thankful she loves you." (Lantern Demo)
  • "How many times do I have to tell you, god damn it? This house is off limits!" (Lantern Demo)
  • "There are known unknowns here, and you've not paid fucking attention."
  • "Don't move!"
  • "You've been a bad girl."
  • "Stay right there, you little bitch!"
  • "I'll feed you to my babies and fertilize the garden with what was left."
  • "We open our home! We open our hearts! And what do you do?!"
  • "She loves you. She wants us to be a family, god damn it."
  • "! All you have to do is accept her fucking gift!"
  • "We love you...Why can't you see that?!"
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Get back to your room right now!"
  • "There's no way out of there, missy."
  • "Stay the fuck out!"
  • "Alright, you little cocksucker, let's get down to business."
  • "Bless your heart."
  • "This is what you get for messin' around in places you ain't supposed to!"
  • "This is beyond the pale, you hear me! Beyond the pale!"
  • "Watch this, you troublesome piece of shit!"
  • "Try and get away from my babies, you cocksucker!"
  • "You're gonna die in this hole and you're gonna like it!"
  • "Lord only knows what you and Zoe have been up to."
  • "Alright, you piece of shit--I've had about enough of you!"
  • "Yes, my kiddies!"
  • "Come here, my pretties!"
  • "Fucking shitcock, show yourself!"
  • "Not nice, cher."
  • "You think you can waltz in here and have your way with my family?"
  • "It's mine...It's light..."
  • "Gonna get ya!" (Mutated)
  • "I got you. Don't you worry none." (Mutated)
  • "Come on now with me, we're going to settle this." (Mutated)
  • "Don't look up!" (Mutated)
  • "There's no escape, city boy!" (Mutated)
  • "You got nowhere to go, now, boy." (Mutated)
  • "You're not getting away this time." (Mutated)
  • "You're gonna get it!" (Mutated)
  • "I'm gonna tear your fucking face off and eat your scrawny head!" (Mutated)
  • "I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you!!" (Mutated)
  • "You don't even deserve her gift!" (Mutated)
  • "The grave will out the truth!" (Mutated)
  • "Don't even try, dear." (Mutated)
  • "Bless your heart--you know I'm going to find you in the end." (Mutated)
  • "Settle down. Settle down." (Mutated)
  • "I'm not going to miss you at all." (Mutated)
  • "There's no use in doing that none. I have you." (Mutated)
  • "Don't be like that, Ethan. Show yourself." (Mutated)
  • "Poor Evie's going to be heartbroken." (Mutated)
  • "Still got some fight in ya, huh?" (Mutated)
  • "Here I come!" (Mutated)
  • "Come on, now--you're not afraid of a girl, are ya?" (Mutated)
  • "Don't even think about it!" (Mutated)
  • "Sleep well, darlin'?" (Bedroom)
  • "Our daughter really likes you. She wants you to be her big brother!" (Bedroom)
  • Aw, now don't get too excited. Don't jump up and down just yet." (Bedroom)
  • "You wanna be part of this family, you gotta eat like family." (Bedroom)
  • "Mmm, that smells good, don't it?" (Bedroom)
  • "You eat all this, and you can be one of us." (Bedroom)
  • "Then I'll take those things off and you can go out and play. But you gotta eat all of it." (Bedroom)
  • "Oh, good. I'll be back in a little bit to check on you." (Bedroom)
  • "You don't need nothing else! Now eat your goddamn supper!" (Bedroom)
  • "I worked all day on that, you ungrateful prick! I made it with love!!" (Bedroom)
  • "You ain't going anywhere until you eat all that, you hear me!?" (Bedroom)
  • "You better behave yourself now!" (Bedroom)
  • "I'm not enjoying this, dang it!" (Bedroom)
  • "Huh? Now hold on just a minute..." (Bedroom)
  • "You've been messing with my clock!" (Bedroom)
  • "That picture was there in the corner for a reason!" (Bedroom)
  • "What did you do.. You were supposed to eat your food. You were supposed to do what I told you!" (Bedroom)
  • "But that's OK.. Because I put something special in there for ya. Can you guess what it is?" (Bedroom)
  • "Wine? Wine?! Why would I put wine in there? It's bad enough that Jack gets drunk every night. I'm not about to have my guests liquored up with him." (Bedroom)
  • "Bugs... bugs?! Are you suggesting that I kill my babies, chop 'em up, boil them and put them in a fucking stew to feed you?!" (Bedroom)
  • "Herbs? Herbs? You're a sharp one. That's right. I grow them in the garden, so you know they're fresh. Go on, try it!" (Bedroom)
  • "Shut your mouth, you son of a bitch! Shut it, shut it, shut it, shut it, shut it!" (Bedroom)
  • "If you're gonna act up, I'll break your scrawny neck!" (Bedroom)
  • "You're a bad boy, Clancy!" (Bedroom)
  • "Is that you again, Lucas!? I keep telling you, boy, keep it down!" (Bedroom)
  • "Oh that drawer didn't open itself!" (Bedroom)
  • "You were out of bed, weren't you, you little piece of shit? How did you get loose?" (Bedroom)
  • "Don't give me that! I know when somebody's been touching things they aren't supposed to!" (Bedroom)
  • "Liar, liar, liar, liar! You know what we do to liars in this house?!" (Bedroom)
  • "This is what you get!" (Bedroom)
  • (Laugh) "You think I'm gonna forgive you because you told the truth? I am going to end you." (Laugh)(Bedroom)
  • "Lucas? Oh, Lucas. I thought I told that boy he wasn't allowed to have you yet." (Bedroom)
  • "Who's making that noise?" (Bedroom)
  • "What the hell is all that noise?!" (Bedroom)
  • "What was that noise?" (Bedroom)
  • "I figured you still hadn't eaten yet, so I brought something else for ya." (Bedroom)
  • "Ooh, my back." (Bedroom)
  • "Mmmm. Don't that just smell like heaven? I made it specially for you." (Bedroom)
  • "Ugh. Maybe this will suit your picky taste." (Bedroom)
  • "Huh? Has someone been in here? Oh something ain't right.." (Bedroom)
  • "Well, everything seems in order." (Bedroom)
  • "Clancy! Where are you?! Are you in there?" (Bedroom)
  • "Quiet, Jack! You'll scare him! And don't forget our little girl insisted that he stay, so you shut up!!" (Bedroom)
  • "Why?! That hurt me, you son of a bitch!!" (Bedroom)
  • "Oww, fucker! I'm gonna make you eat that knife!!" (Bedroom)
  • "This is all your fault! You god...damn...homewrecker!!" (Bedroom)
  • "Oh... Jack. Alright. Alright, I forgive you." (Bedroom)
  • "Any news on the damage from the storm?" (Daughters)
  • "Zoe, go get some fresh clothes from the laundry room, OK?" (Daughters)
  • "There's a change of clothes in the laundry room, dear." (Daughters)
  • "Zoe, she can't be in those dirty clothes all night." (Daughters)
  • "Zoe? Come look. Come see her gift." (Daughters)
  • "Look at all the pretties my little girl has given me!" (Daughters)
  • "Oh get outta my way, Jack!" (Daughters)
  • "That girl's our family now! And we're hers!" (Daughters)
  • "Kiss me, lover!" (Daughters)
  • "She has a gift for you." (Daughters)
  • "She's just lonely, Zoe, and we got to protect her." (Daughters)
  • "Come out and meet her, Zoe!" (Daughters)
  • "You're gonna have a little sister, Zoe!" (Daughters)
  • "Zoe?!" (Daughters)
  • "Huh?" (Daughters)
  • "Zoe! You're gonna make me mad!" (Daughters)
  • "Family comes first, is what I say." (Daughters)
  • "Oh, that Eveline. Such a sweet little thing." (Daughters)
  • "Are you there?" (Daughters)
  • "I don't like sneaks!" (Daughters)
  • "Eveline called me Mommy. Ain't that sweet?" (Daughters)
  • "Ha! Now get over here!" (Daughters)
  • "Jack!! Gimme a hand here! Jack! Get over here, Jack!!" (Daughters)
  • "Zoe-- I'm so sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me." (Daughters)
  • "Stay away! Don't touch her! Don't hurt my family!" (Daughters)
  • "I'm gonna make you eat that knife!" (Bedroom)
  • "Zoe! Gimme that key... give it!" (Daughters)
  • "Don't you wanna meet your little sister?" (Daughters)
  • "You OK, dear? There was a lot of excitement from that storm last night." (Daughters)
  • "That's a good idea, Jack. You guys remember the last hurricane--we thought we were lucky--and then the nest time it rained, there was a mess for sure!" (Daughters)

Further notesEdit

  • Marguerite is the French variation of the name "Margaret" originally derived from Persian "Morvared" meaning Pearl. Given her name, mannerisms, and the history of white settlement in Louisiana, she is likely of Cajun French descent.
  • Her attachment to her lantern may come from a typical trait of insects to be attracted to light.




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