Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Marhawa Desire was a massacre that took place at Marhawa Academy in 2012. It was initially perpetrated by students Bindi Bergara and Nanan Yoshihara, though their use of the experimental C-Virus led to other students murdering each other. The virus was provided to them by Dr. Carla Radames, who required information on its effectiveness as a weapon.


Years before the outbreak, Nanan got into a fight with Alisa and her fellow students, possibly because of discrimination of her father's social status which was considered low by fellow students. Through Nanan managed to win, she suffered injuries.

After the fight, she went to Bindi's room to let Bindi tend to her wounds. Bindi then went to Mother Gracia's office to report her on Alisa's actions, demanding to report to the police.

However, Gracia instead covered up the incident possibly from the nature that she doesn't trust outsiders. Bindi, angered by Gracia's decision, ran away from Marhawa Academy along with Nanan. While they were running away, Gracia pursued the duo, bringing security guards with her. While struggling to get away from them, Nanan accidentally slipped and impacted onto a boulder, killing her. Bindi was devastated at the death of her best friend. It was there where she met the hooded Carla Radames, who offered her two doses of the prototype C-Virus.


When Bindi plotted to destroy the Academy, she infected Nanan with one dose of C-Virus. As a result, Nanan mutated into a Lepotica, slowly infected the students in the academy. Covering her plot, Bindi fooled everyone by showing unawareness to the incident.

Despite efforts from Mother Gracia to contain the infection, the infection continued to spread throughout the Academy. Involved was Doug Wright, a BSAA advisor and a close friend of Gracia. After contact with him was lost, BSAA agents Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans and Merah Biji decided to come to the site of infection.

Bindi revealed her true colors, infected herself with the remaining C-virus dose, she mutated into a J'avo, and later, a Complete Mutation, trying to stop the agents from escaping. She was then finished off with a Rocket Launcher. When the BSAA members manage to get rid of Bindi, Nanan launches her tentacles towards Piers Nivans but hits Merah Biji instead, severely wounding her. She grabs the helicopter during the take-off but is obliterated by Piers who is manipulating a heavy machine-gun.


After the BSAA helicopter escaped, the cleaner came in to contain the infection. Everyone in the Academy, including Doug and Gracia, died in the incident. A memorial was established by parents of the students in front of the Academy, sealed off for good.

The late Mother Gracia's crimes were finally exposed to the public.

Aside from the BSAA members, Ricky Tozawa is the only survivor of the incident, which affected him greatly in the fight against bioterrorism.

With BSAA still unaware of Carla Radames' presence, she had gathered enough combat data in order to enhance the C-virus further, making use of it to enact the Edonian Civil War months later.


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