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The Marhawa Desire,[1] otherwise known as the Marhawa Incident,[1] was a massacre which took place at Marhawa School. Committed by students Bindi Bergara and Nanan Yoshihara and, though Yoshihara, hundreds of other students, the massacre was part of the wider C-Virus Project conducted by Dr. Carla Radames.


Located in the expansive forests of Ellnaul in Northern Kudahnkan, the Marhawa School was a prestigious boarding school which took in a pan-Asian enrolment, catering to the children of wealthy businessmen. Under the dictatorial control of Mother Gracia Delenikas, students were raised from a young age to rely totally on her guidance. To ensure their protection and the protection of the school's reputation, contact with the outside world was limited. Social skills exhibited by the students was poor due to this, and bullying was a serious problem but covered-up as policy to avoid harming the school's reputation. The isolated nature of the school also got the attention of Dr. Carla Radames, a researcher for The Family, who saw it as the perfect test-bed for C-Virus research. When a student, Nanan Yoshihara, was seriously injured and either close to or after death, Dr. Radames provided samples of C-Virus to her friend, Bindi Bergara, who sought to use the samples to get her revenge at the school for its corrupt nature. Dr. Radames would keep watch as events unfolded.[2]


Initial attacks

Bergara and Yoshihara first worked together to get immediate revenge on other students who they had feuded. Their first target was Lana, who was complicit in the bullying of Yoshihara.[3] She was infected with C-Virus by Yoshihara, who had mutated into a type of creature later known as a "Lepotica".[4] The two left the room, allowing Lana to kill and eat another student.[5] The murder was quickly covered-up by the school and Lana herself detained by staff for further investigation. Fearing this may be a contagious disease, Mother Gracia contacted Dr. Doug Wright, an old acquaintance who was familiar with biological weaponry.[6]

Dr. Wright arrived with his assistant, Ricky Tozawa, and began investigating the virus on the condition of not reporting it to the BSAA.

Main attack

Bindi revealed her true colors, infected herself with the remaining C-Virus sample, she mutated into a J'avo, and later, a Complete Mutation, trying to stop the agents from escaping. She was then finished off with a Rocket Launcher. When the BSAA members manage to get rid of Bindi, Nanan launches her tentacles towards Piers Nivans but hits Merah Biji instead, severely wounding her. She grabs the helicopter during the take-off but is obliterated by Piers who is manipulating a heavy machine-gun.


After the BSAA helicopter escaped, the cleaner came in to contain the infection. Everyone in the Academy, including Doug and Gracia, died in the incident. A memorial was established by parents of the students in front of the Academy, sealed off for good.

The late Mother Gracia's crimes were finally exposed to the public.

Aside from the BSAA members, Ricky Tozawa is the only survivor of the incident, which affected him greatly in the fight against bioterrorism.

With BSAA still unaware of Carla Radames' presence, she had gathered enough combat data in order to enhance the C-virus further, making use of it to enact the Edonian Civil War months later.


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