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The Marhawa Academy was a prestigious religious academy located in the hinterland forest of Asia, known for being the largest school of its kind in Asia.[1][2][excerpt 1] It was subject to C-Virus testing in early 2012.[3]


The institute was a boarding school teaching children from primary learning ages until adulthood. With the school self-sustaining and isolated from the rest of the world, newcomers were rare and, according to Alisa Lin, considered very attractive.


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At some point in 2012, an incident occurred where two female students fled the academy. One of the escaping students had an accident which took her life, and the surviving one was forcibly taken back to the academy.

It was in this time when Carla Radames, founder and leader of the terrorist organization "Neo Umbrella" infiltrated the compound. Under the disguise of a cloaked traveler, she provided the student who survived the fleeing scene with a mutagenic virus, claiming that it can bring back her deceased friend and exacting revenge. Not long after this encounter, one by one the students and workers of the academy began to turn into zombies, albeit with new traits unknown at the time.

Dr. Doug Wright, an advisor in the BSAA, was called to the academy by its headmistress, Gracia Delenikas. The two attempted to find a solution to the outbreak, but the number of infected student increased rapidly. Doug decided to contact the BSAA for backup, but Gracia was against this option, further worsening the situation. In the ensuing chaos, the headmistress, along with Dr. Wright and his companions lost their lives.

The zombified students were later annihilated by BSAA agents dispatched to the area.

Further, notes

  • In what may be the result of improper translation on Serizawa's part, the academy's sign refers to it in the more generic "Marhawa School". The more specific Kanji gakuen (学園?) refers more towards colleges or universities.
  • The school may have run into issues in the past and as a result of Mother Gracia wanting to keep her school's reputation and worried about it being defiled, she covered them up, this eventually lead to the C-Virus infection.


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    Ajia saidai no meimon-kō maruhawa gakuen. (アジア最大の名門校・マルハワ学園。?)
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