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Dr.Mark Torvaldsen was an Umbrella Corporation employee assigned to the Pharmaceuticals R&D department in The Hive.


Mark had known Vince Markinson, Jack Annichiarico and Eleanor Wu since his teen years, but became more distanced from them as the collapse of the Internet Bubble and a recession of the technology industry had a big impact on their lives. When Mark's company was bought by Umbrella in 2002, he was one of the few employees to be reassigned to the corporation after the disbanding of his former employer. Assigned to The Hive, he disliked the idea of living underground, but the promise of catering and five years job security caught his eye.

On his first day, Mark was knocked over by Percival S. Parks after having stolen samples of the T-virus. Entering an elevator with Ella Fontaine they were surprised to hear the fire alarm triggered by the Red Queen. They soon realised that people outside the elevator were being killed, and they tried to open the doors to get out. The Red Queen detected this and decapitated Ella as she tried to squeeze out. Mark himself died from a neurotoxin.[1]


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