"Lucas is a fucking psycho. Not sure what's worse — him or those things."
— Marquez to Chris Redfield

Marquez [1] is a minor character in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. He only appears in Not a Hero.


Operation Lurking Fear (2017)

Marquez is a soldier with the newly reformed Blue Umbrella. He went with two other soldiers into a mine to locate Lucas Baker, who fled there. However, all three men are caught and have traps placed on them. Chris Redfield later enters the mine alone, being informed by his contact Veronica that the men are missing. Marquez is later found on a plank, surrounded by explosive beams. After Chris finds a lever to make the traps disappear, Marquez and Chris approach a ladder. Just then, a bomb attached to Marquez activates, killing Marquez instantly. The other soldiers died as well, but Chris survives and kills Lucas Baker. 


  1. His name is spoken by Chris should the player fail to disarm Lucas' trap, resulting in their deaths.
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