Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Martin Sandwich (マーティン・サンドイッチ Mātin Sandoicchi?)​ was a Raccoon City citizen.


He is a skilled engineer and was a mechanic at a medical appliance manufacturer. While he was dispatched to perform some repairs at Spencer Memorial Hospital, he caught a glimpse of a testing facility that was intended to be secret. Upon apprehension he found himself thrust into a horrifying virus experiment.[2] 


Sandwich is a "Support"-type survivor. He uses his engineering skills to create traps that slow down or stun enemies to allow the Survivors to gain the upper hand.[3] His unique abilities are "Makeshift Mine" and "Flash Baton". The former allows him to make a mine that explodes when enemies are nearby. The latter temporarily stuns enemies.

Skill list


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