The Marukai Corporation (マルカイ コーポレーション Marukai kōporēshon?) is a Japanese retail chain. It also imports goods to the United States as "Marukai Corporation U.S.A."


Raccoon Police Zippo

The Raccoon Police Zippo is a reusable lighter, displaying the Raccoon Police Department logo on the face. It comes in two colours: gold and brass. They were limited to 1000 products, making them highly-collectible. Their original retail price was 10,000円 (tax not included).[1]

Made in Heaven Zippo

The Made in Heaven Zippo is also a reusable lighter product. This one displays the "Made in Heaven" design work on Claire Redfield's jacket in Resident Evil 2. They also sold at 10,000円 (tax not included).[1]



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