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Marvin Branagh (マービン・ブラナー Mābin Buranā?) was a police officer who served with the Raccoon Police Department.

Branagh may have been a senior in the department's Bureau of Operations, as he was established within the station's West Office and was in Leon S. Kennedy's chain of command.


Early life[]

Almost nothing is known about Branagh's life other than that he was held in high regard by his colleagues within the Raccoon Police Department for being an exemplary police officer who looked out for his friends up until the very end.[1] Branagh was also friendly with the Special Tactics and Rescue Service and was notably close to at least two other officers: Rita Phillips and Kevin Ryman.

Raccoon City Destruction Incident[]

In the early hours of September 23, the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water leading to a dramatic rash of violent incidents over the following day and by the evening of the 24th, tens of thousands of people had transformed into zombies.[2] Lieutenant Branagh was working overtime on his routine shift due to the limited resources as the mass panic began. Branagh would still attempt to file paperwork through the worst of the outbreak, but was ultimately forced to halt all investigations in order to assist full-time in the disaster relief efforts.[3][4]

With Chief Irons locking himself into his office with the mayor's daughter and Deputy Chief Douglas having been killed the night prior, the Raccoon Police Station quickly fell into complete disorganization with very little chain-of-command and very few, yet non-sensical orders being given by Irons.[5][6] By the next morning, martial law had been imposed on the city and the Army National Guard had established a quarantine around Raccoon City. Unfortunately, many of the civilians that had sought shelter in the station to escape the initial walls of undead the night prior had begun to transform into zombies themselves.[4] This lead to heightened paranoia, confusion and violent distrust among the officers and civilians. Nevertheless, Branagh was placed in-charge of the station and its officers due to his rank and steadfast composure, he ensured an (albeit temporary) sense of order within the walls of the station.[4][7]

On September 26, the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service was deployed into the city with the goal of rescuing civilians and combating the t-Virus threat. Branagh and the remaining officers coordinated to organize a mass-scale operation, in which dozens of the remaining police officers and the entirety of the Raccoon SWAT unit would be deployed to the Johnson National Bank to directly engage the zombies, with the goal of establishing a larger perimeter and defending the streets that immediately surrounding the station, thus allowing the precinct to serve as a stronghold for further tactical operations. Unfortunately, despite the organized effort, most of officers involved were wiped out as the zombies were numerous and resilient to much of their firepower, this led some officers to flee and the line to fall.[8]

As much of the department's cache was already scattered and missing, this failed offensive meant that much of the weaponry and ammunition the officer's had been reliant on had now been lost.[7] This left the station and its remaining survivors extremely vulnerable. Soon enough, zombies began to breach both sides of the station, with numerous casualties among the refugees and officers.[9] Barricades were erected, shutters were engaged, and riot gas was deployed in a last-ditch attempt to limit the movements of zombies that had entered the station. Unfortunately, this only led to the survivors themselves being divided into small pockets and scattered without reliable communication or safely traverse, leading many to die or turn in the rooms they had hid in, with several officers being hunted by Chief Irons or killed by the newly emerging Licker colony.[5][7][10]

This section is based on a game with branching story paths, or several games with conflicting accounts. For more detail on differing portrayals, see this page.

"Now that we've lost communications, there's nothing else we can do. Alright, everyone, we've gotta hurry up and find a way into that tunnel. It's gonna be our way out of here."
— Marvin briefs the surviving officers on their final escape plan.[11]
RPD officers Outbreak files 2

Marvin coordinates police officers during the outbreak.

Recognizing that the scale of the outbreak was beyond the government's control and that the station itself would soon fall, Branagh rallied a small group of surviving officers to plan an evacuation from the city. However, the dark reality began to set in among the surviving officers that the station's locale had made it an inescapable death trap.

Never losing his cool, Branagh recalled the station's history as an art museum and dug up a series of old building schematics, confirming the existence of a series of ventilation tunnels that had been abandoned during the building's renovation into a police precinct, all connecting to a entrance located underneath the fountain in the main hall.[11][12] Following this revelation, Marvin organized the remaining officers into a search party to find a way to access the ventilation tunnel, even if it meant only sending one person through to bring back help.[13]

Marvin ending Desperate Times 3

A severely injured Marvin shuffles his way to the station's west office.[14]

Thus, just before sunrise on September 28, Marvin, with the assistance of surviving officers Rita, Harry and several others, was able to assist a group of civilian survivors, led by officer Kevin Ryman, in escaping the precinct in an armored police vehicle. Unfortunately, zombies once again began to lay siege to the station, and Fred, Aaron, and Tony were all lost in the attempted rescue. With the undead flooding the station's front yard, Branagh found himself infected amid the chaos and chose to stay behind, luring the creatures away from the truck and buying more time for the other survivors to escape as the van drove away. While Marvin would be severely wounded in the resulting confrontation, after finally exterminating the remaining zombies, he stumbled to his personal office in bittersweet victory.[14]

Marvin lays unconscious for several hours on the floor of his office.

Later that evening, former S.T.A.R.S. officer, Jill Valentine would detour through the station, discovering Branagh laying unconscious in the office where he collapsed hours earlier. Even though he was still alive, she believed him to be beyond help and perhaps sympathetically left him undisturbed.[15][note 1]

The following night, on September 29, Branagh would be found by either Claire Redfield, who was looking for her brother, Chris, a former S.T.A.R.S. member who had left the country prior to the outbreak,[16] or rookie officer Leon S. Kennedy, both of whom had just arrived in the city.[16] By this time, Marvin was awake and actively moving within the office, however, he remained critically wounded and limited in his mobility. Branagh solemnly reflected upon and informed the survivors about the Mansion Incident, with the members of the Special Tactics And Rescue Service; a rescue-based special forces unit having gone off-the-grid shortly before the outbreak. Marvin lamented that he and many other officers, didn't believe their warnings about the monstrous experiments conducted by the Umbrella Corporation until it was too late, despite the risk to their own lives the S.T.A.R.S were taking to tell their close friends and co-workers the truth.

By this time, Branagh had since become the only surviving officer aside from Brian Irons and Elliot Edward, the latter of whom was killed on the roof only a short time later. Nevertheless, he concluded by requesting that Leon or Claire rescue any other survivors and forget about him, which they attempted to argue. Desperately, Marvin rose his gun, ordering them to leave, though they complied, each promised to return. As they left, Marvin mustered the strength to get up and lock the door behind them, returning to his office, knowing that he would soon become a zombie.[16][16]

Resident Evil 2 - Marvin Brangah Zombie

Marvin transforms.

A short while later, Leon or Claire would find a way back into the office from the Evidence Room, arriving just in time to witness as Marvin succumbed to his infection and transformed in front of their eyes, becoming a mere shell of his honorable self.[16][16]

"Oh... the rookie. You like the welcome party? Nice surprise, huh."
— Marvin.
Marvin in Darkside Chronicles

Marvin is approached by Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

Arriving at the Raccoon Police Station, Lieutenant Branagh was found in the main lobby of the station by Leon Scott Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who, upon seeing him slouched against the Fountain of the Flying Goddess. Marvin is startled awake by their approach and brandishes his gun, before rescinding and introducing himself to Leon and Claire. Upon recognizing Leon, he jokingly welcomes him to his 'party' and refers to himself as Leon's "would-be boss". Branagh requests that the two search the station for remaining survivors, incapable of doing so himself, he remains in the lobby suffering grievously from his wounds.[17][18]

Marvin zombie Darkside Chronicles

Zombified Marvin.

A while later, after exploring the station's west wing and chasing Sherry Birkin towards the lobby, Kennedy and Redfield would approach Branagh once more, only to discover that he had died. Distraught, Leon apologized to the officer and agreed to pursue Sherry further, when Marvin suddenly stands up and attacks the duo, leaving them forced to put him out of his misery.[18] </ref>

It's unclear if the zombified Branagh was terminated by the survivors, or if his body was left to wander the station, but in either case, he was dead by the morning of October 1st, when the police station, along with the rest of the city was annihilated by an experimental thermobaric weapon.[19]


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