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"And don't make my mistake. If you see one of those things—uniform or not—you do not hesitate. You take it out...or you run. Got it?"
— Marvin warns newly-recruited officer Leon S. Kennedy regarding the zombies within the Raccoon City Police Station

Lieutenant Marvin Branagh (マービン・ブラナー Mābin Buranā?) was a police officer who served with the Raccoon Police Department. He may have been a senior in the Operations Bureau, as he was in Leon S. Kennedy's chain of command.


Early LifeEdit

Almost nothing is known about Marvin's life other than that he was a much respected policeman for his colleagues within the Raccoon Police Department for his commitment to his career and resilience in extreme situations.

Raccoon City Destruction IncidentEdit

When the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water and transformed thousands of people into zombies within hours, Marvin was responding to a disturbance in a power station when the outbreak began. Surrounded by infected, he was rescued by the members of Squad A, Platoon Delta, of the U.B.C.S.. Wasting no time, Marvin quickly aided the commandos in the search for survivors of the chaos in Raccoon City.

RPD officers Outbreak files 2

Marvin coordinates police officers during the outbreak.

With Chief Brian Irons absent and Deputy Chief Raymond Douglas killed on Thursday September 24th, Branagh was in charge of Raccoon Police Station in complete disarray. On a Saturday, a large police operation took place in which Raccoon SWAT drove out to the Jefferson Bank to directly take on the Zombies, but were wiped out in the process. In their absence, the Zombies breached the police station, and the shutters were pulled down on the east side to limit their movements, with numerous casualties among the refugees and having even more twelve more losses on the west side.[2]

Recognizing that the outbreak was beyond the government's control, Marvin rallied a small group of survivors at the police station, until the cold, dark reality set in that the R.P.D., too, was a death trap. Never losing his cool, Marvin organized the survivors into a search party, determined to find an alternative escape route. On the night of September 28, a group of survivors managed to evacuate the site with a police van driven by Harry and Rita Phillips, though Fred, Aaron and Tony were lost in the process when the zombies once again invaded the police station. Marvin also ended up being fatally bitten by a infected during the invasion and decided to stay behind, buying time for the others to escape.[3] On the Monday evening, ex-S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine fled into the building, and discovered an injured Branagh passed out, and believed him to be beyond help.[4][note 1]

Resident-Evil-2 2018 09-20-18 022

Marvin, injuried, wandering the Raccoon Police Station in search of an escape route.

Now, only five officers remained in the building, including Elliot Edward, David Ford, and Chief Irons himself. Their plan became to determine a method of escape, originally considered by Rita prior to her escape, which was to gain access to the tunnels beneath the station, which could be accessed from a statue in the main hall or from the parking garage. The search was arduous, and on the Tuesday, Branagh ended up being the only survivor of the team, like Edward were seriously wounded and zombified after discovering how to find the escape route and David disappeared while looking for clues to unravel the secret path. It is not clear whether he found survivors after the station had been practically taken over by the zombies, as in one account, Marvin was found by rookie officer Leon S. Kennedy, who had just arrived into the city, and in another account, he met civilian Claire Redfield, who was looking for her brother, the former S.T.A.R.S officer Chris. Overall, In both accounts, the survivors managed to solve the puzzle to open the hatch, but when it was time to escape, Branagh refused the offer to come with their, and he sealed up the passage to deny the zombies' entry. Soon after, he completed his transformation into a zombie.

The information differ if the zombified Marvin was killed by survivors or his body was left wandering, but he was certainly is dead by the morning of Thursday 1 October when the U.S. Air Force bombed the city with an experimental thermobaric weapon.


  1. The English version of this examine describes him as "fatally wounded", giving the false impression he may be dead.
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