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"And don't make my mistake. If you see one of those things—uniform or not—you do not hesitate. You take it out...or you run. Got it?"
— Marvin warns newly-recruited officer Leon S. Kennedy regarding the zombies within the Raccoon City Police Station[1]

Lieutenant Marvin Branagh (マービン・ブラナー Mābin Buranā?) was a police officer who served with the Raccoon Police Department.

Branagh may have been a senior in the department's Bureau of Operations, as he was established within the station's West Office and was in Leon S. Kennedy's chain of command.


Early life[]

Almost nothing is known about Branagh's life other than that he was held in high regard by his colleagues within the Raccoon Police Department for being an exemplary police officer who looked out for his friends up until the very end.

Marvin officer month poster

At some point prior to the Raccoon City Destruction Incident in September of 1998, Branagh was awarded the department's honorary "Officer of the Month".[2] He had a playful demeaner and team spirit, locking rookie officer Leon S. Kennedy out of his desk in an effort to teach him the names of his co-workers.[3]

Raccoon City Destruction Incident[]

In the early hours of September 23, the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water leading to a dramatic rash of violent incidents over the following day and by the evening of the 24th, tens of thousands of people had transformed into zombies.

As much of the department's cache was scattered and missing, a failed offensive on the 26th meant that much of the weaponry and ammunition the officer's had been reliant on had now been lost.[4] This left the station and its remaining survivors extremely vulnerable. Barricades were erected, shutters were engaged, and riot gas was deployed in a last-ditch attempt to limit the movements of zombies that had entered the station.[5]

Resident-Evil-2 2018 09-20-18 022

Marvin, injured, wandering the west hall of the Raccoon Police Station.

Shortly after midnight on the 28th, only a handful of living officers remained in the building, notably: Elliot Edward, David Ford, Chief Irons, and Branagh himself (with Wes Drucker and Hector presumably expiring the day before).[6] Nonetheless, Branagh remained determined to assist any surviving officers and locate a method of escape for the remaining few.

Elliot recalled that Officer Phillips had initially suggested a secret passage that presumably ran under the statue in the Main hall and could be used to gain access to the sewers beneath the station.[1][7] Branagh initially dismissed the notion, not believing in the mythical tunnel's existence.[note 1]

Marvin Branagh Resident Evil 3 remake

In a fatal decision, Marvin hesitates to shoot his fellow officer and former friend, Brad Vickers.

The following morning, as Carlos Oliveira and Tyrell Patrick arrived at the station, they spotted Lieutenant Branagh as he was pursued through the front courtyard by Brad Vickers, a former S.T.A.R.S. officer who had since turned. Lieutenant Branagh hesitated to kill his former friend, but eventually mustered the courage and apologized to his former comrade. However, as Vickers muttered out "So...rry..." in response, the glimpse of remaining humanity caught him off guard and presented the perfect opportunity for the zombified Vickers to tackle and bite, thus sealing Branagh's fate.[8]

RE2make Marvin Branagh (1)

Marvin rescues Claire Redfield from a zombie encounter.

Later that evening, Lieutenant Branagh discovered rookie officer Leon S. Kennedy, who had just arrived into the city after receiving a call to stay away,[9] and in another account, he met civilian Claire Redfield, who was looking for her brother, Chris, a former S.T.A.R.S. officer who Branagh informed her was "on vacation".[10] In any case, Branagh barricaded the station's front entrance and informed the survivor about the situation that had affected the city, offering his assistance in solving the puzzle to open the secret path. Marvin provided the survivor with a radio to keep contact, and remained in the main hall, monitoring the station's CCTV to inform them about the other survivor's arrival.[11][12]

Marvin instructs Leon RE2 remake

Marvin instructs the rookie to take his knife.[1]

Unfortunately, after Leon or Claire made their way back from the station's East Wing, Branagh had fallen unconscious. When the passage was finally opened and Branagh came to, the Lieutenant vehemently refused the survivor's pleas to accompany them, due to his notably worsening condition.[13][14] Soon after, the infection finally consumed Branagh and he became a zombie.

It's unclear if the zombified Branagh was terminated by the survivors, or if his body was left to wander the station, but in either case, he was dead by the morning of October 1st, when the police station, along with the rest of the city was annihilated by an experimental thermobaric weapon.

In the six years following the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, Leon would continue to reflect upon his former superior officer, and kept the knife Marvin had given him as a reminder of the Lieutenant's altruism and ultimate sacrifice.[15][16]


  1. If the player inserts the Lion or Unicorn medallions into the statue before triggering the Claire arrives at the station cutscene, the tunnel will partially open, leaving Marvin to exclaim: "So, Elliot was right..."
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