Marvin watches CCTV (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Marvin Branagh: "There you are... Come here, take a look."

Leon Scott Kennedy: "Yes! I knew she'd make it."

Marvin: "You know her?"

Leon: "Yeah, name's Claire. I came into town with her."

Marvin: "You can get to that courtyard through the second floor... east side."

Leon: "I'm on it. Thanks, Lieutenant."

Marvin Branagh: "来たか こっちだ 見てみろ"

Leon Scott Kennedy: "よかった! 無事だったか"

Marvin: "知り合いか?"

Leon: "ああ クレアだ 一緒に来た"

Marvin: "あの場所だったら… 2階から行け… 東だ…"

Leon: "了解 感謝します 警部補"


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