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Marvin watches CCTV (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Leon meets back with Marvin. He shows Leon a camera footage of a woman next to a gate, who Leon recognizes as Claire Redfield. Marvin then mentions that Leon can get to that place by using the door on the second floor of the main hall on the east side of the station.


Marvin Branagh: "There you are... Come here, take a look."

Leon Scott Kennedy: "Yes! I knew she'd make it."

Marvin: "You know her?"

Leon: "Yeah, name's Claire. I came into town with her."

Marvin: "You can get to that courtyard through the second floor... east side."

Leon: "I'm on it. Thanks, Lieutenant."

Marvin Branagh: "来たか こっちだ 見てみろ"

Leon Scott Kennedy: "よかった! 無事だったか"

Marvin: "知り合いか?"

Leon: "ああ クレアだ 一緒に来た"

Marvin: "あの場所だったら… 2階から行け… 東だ…"

Leon: "了解 感謝します 警部補"