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Mary Gray (d.2010) was an American Superhuman. A victim to illegal human experimentation by the Umbrella Corporation and orphaned, Gray was raised to see herself as a living god. Succumbing to mental illness brought on by the conflict of being a god and being powerless, Gray masterminded the Philosophy University Incident that led to her death at the hands of the BSAA.[1]


Early life[]

Gray was born in a middle-class American upbringing, as the daughter of an Umbrella manager. At a young age Gray was diagnosed with an incurable blood disorder which greatly limited her life expectancy, and drove her father to seek out illicit means to cure her. Following a blood test, it was determined Gray had a rare genetic factor that would have made her an ideal candidate for the Tyrant Project. With this information, Dr. Ryan Howard put her on a virotherapy course, using regular injections of t-Virus to treat her blood disorder. This course also resulted in Gray developing superhuman abilities, though with the exception of a dramatically increased intellect measured at a 230 IQ, they were kept underutilised.[1]

Life in Australia[]

The collapse of the Umbrella Corporation was a turning point in Gray's childhood. In the aftermath of the 2003 Raccoon Trials ruling, her parents were killed. With no other family members left, she was adopted by Howard, who in 2005 took her to Western Australia where he gained a job as a researcher at Ezra Sennett's Philosophy University. Over the next five years Gray was showered with praise as a prodigy and began to see herself through Nietzschean lenses as the Superhuman they believed her to be. This however led to her becoming less tolerable of humans, who she viewed as stupid, selfish and driven to self-destructive violence; this was itself a reflection of Sennett's eugenics philosophy, that war and suffering existed because human lacked the intellect to restrict their destructive tendencies.[1]

As an adult, Gray enrolled at Philosophy in 2010, and became troubled by her feelings of loneliness in the world and want of finding her purpose in life. This was made harder when she failed to impress a boy she liked, Lucas Butler, who was more interested in her friend Olivia Price.[2] Over the course of the year Gray used Howard and Sennett's devotion of her to her advantage, and drove him to agree to conduct human bioweapons research, creating a t-Virus strain Gray believed would make humans more palatable for her. To gather specimens, Gray was able to lure several students to Howard's lab as specimens, with their unexplained disappearances being kept out of the press by Sennett.[1]

Philosophy University Incident[]

Gray's plans were put into effect in August 2010, following her own devastation at Price and Butler's relationship becoming official during class. Following this she caused an outbreak of t-Virus in the university, leading to most of the students and faculty developing Cannibal Disease.[2] In the early hours of the outbreak Gray hid with Butler, where she chastised him for not being interested in her and similarly for being too scared to search for Prince, suspecting their relationship to be in some way deceptive.[2] When the two were rescued by BSAA operator Sophie Home, Gray took the opportunity to track down Prince, and brought her to Howard's lab to become another test subject as revenge for taking Butler from her.[2] This however proved a fatal flaw, as when the BSAA led survivors into the lab for shelter, Butler was unable to stop Price biting him and both had to be euthanised.[1] Following this, Howard himself was gunned down, driving Gray to rage, seeing the euthanasia of mutants as no different from murder.[1]

Using her heightened reflexes, Gray took Dr. Rebecca Chambers hostage and began threatening the BSAA team at gunpoint. Still conflicted over her nature and choices in life, Gray alternated between her declarations of godhood and damnation of humanity, and crying in despair at her own failures in life. Losing any advantage she possessed, she fled to the rooftop to hide away from the world. Attempts were made to calm her down on the belief by the BSAA she was suffering from mental deterioration brought on by the virotherapy. Either in a last-ditch effort to fulfil her plans, or a deliberate goading of the BSAA, Gray induced a mutation in herself only to be killed by the operators within moments.[1]


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