Master of Unlocking (AC-011) is an Action card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It is one of the more strategic cards in the game and only three of them are available in the base set, making them quite valuable despite their low Gold Cost of 30.


Master of Unlocking essentially allows the player using it to "steal" weapons from opposing players. Once this card is played, all other players must reveal the top cards of their respective decks. If any of those cards are weapons, the player who used this Action either gains one of that weapon or simply takes one of the weapon cards revealed. Its effect is optional, allowing less useful weapons to be overlooked. If a weapon is gained however, the other revealed cards must be discarded. Additionally, this card grants the player that uses it +1 Action, allowing other actions to be played if MoU effect is unsuccessful.

The card's name is taken from the infamous line of Barry Burton from the first Resident Evil, referring to Jill Valentine's skills with a Lockpick. The card's artwork is a screenshot from Lost in Nightmares, one of the game modes of Resident Evil 5, depicting Jill and Chris Redfield infiltrating the Spencer estate in Europe. Jill, as an homage to her skills, is shown using her lockpick.


Master of Unlocking can be a deal breaker against many play styles as it can easily cripple strategies that rely on one specific card or type of card.

  • Players lucky enough to acquire the Gatling Gun or Rocket Launcher can have it seized if they also happen to be unlucky enough to have it at the top of their deck. The more dangerous users of these weapons,Claire Redfield (with her Level 2 effect granting more ammo, which determines how much damage the Gatling Gun is dealing) and Jill Valentine (with her Level 2 effect making all Explosive type weapons essentially "infinite") can be dealt with. However, in Partner Mode these weapons can simply be equipped indefinitely, maing MoU's effect useless.
  • Stealing any kind of special weapon, such as the Burst-Fire handgun, Survival Knife, Grenade Launcher, Automatic Shotgun, etc. can be just as crippling if the player using any of these weapons decides to rely on them heavily.
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