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The Matilda is a handgun that appears in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


"12-shot capacity 9mm polymer frame handgun. Non-standard issue gun with problems that make it impractical for the general public."
— Inventory description (Unupgraded) - English

— Inventory description (Unupgraded) - Japanese

The Matilda will be in Leon's inventory from the start of the main game. By default it has a maximum magazine size of 12, but it can be upgraded by combining it with its High-Capacity Mag. (Matilda) which increases the magazine size to a total of 24 bullets and shortens its reload time. Its muzzle can also be upgraded by combining it with its Muzzle Brake (Matilda), which reduces its recoil and increases its overall accuracy. Finally, A Gun Stock (Matilda) upgrade can be acquired to allow for a 3-shot burst fire function.

While a relatively weak weapon, amunition for it is plentiful and the three-round burst upgrade makes it a useful tool for quickly staggering zombies or breaking off limbs, especially from a distance, where the shotgun would fall out of range. While not something to be relied on when raw damage is needed above all, its among the most versatile weapon in the game.


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