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Matthew "Matt" Addison was the brother of Lisa Addison, posing as a Raccoon City Police officer in an attempt to infiltrate the Looking Glass House and enter The Hive. He accompanies Alice, Spence and the Sanitation team into the Hive in order to ascertain what went wrong with the Red Queen. It wasn't until later that he revealed he and his sister were environmental activists trying to expose Umbrella's illegal experimentation to the world. Though Matt managed to escape the Hive outbreak with Alice, he was scratched by an Advanced Licker and, under experimentation from Umbrella, became the Nemesis, a powerful bio-weapon prototype. As Nemesis, Matt was deployed into Raccoon City during the outbreak to kill any survivors. After fighting Alice and then regaining his consciousness, Matt was killed defending Alice from helicopter debris.


Professionally, Matt had a long history in government agencies, and was known to have graduated from the FBI's academy in Quantico, serving in their ViCAP unit. Alongside this was some level of presence in the NSA. In his private life Matt was also an anti-Umbrella activist, believing that the large corporation's above-the-law attitude made it a threat to the United States. In 2002 he participated in a plot to obtain proof of Umbrella's criminal acts by planting his own sister within the corporation as a mole. She would soon befriend Alice, the head of security at the Hive.

The Hive

Matt grabs Alice.

In September of that year, Matt arrived at a mansion in the Arklay Mountains to obtain the evidence, carrying the forged ID of a local police officer should any questions be asked. Soon after his arrival, Umbrella's Sanitation commandos broke in to secure the area after an apparent accident in the Hive involving the Red Queen security system going rampant. Matt himself was handcuffed; while accepting his claim to be a police officer his unexplained presence in the mansion was a security concern. With the unit small in number, he was brought down into the Hive along with Alice, who had been rendered amnesiac by the security system.

Resident Evil film - Matt gets detained by Sanitation Team.png

Matt is watched over by Rain and J.D., while the other team members continue into the Red Queen's chamber. After successfully deactivating the Red Queen, all the doors in the facility open, releasing a horde of the Undead. After the discovery of a survivor Rain stumbles upon, Matt states that the blood from the woman is coagulated, and that this process does not occur until after death. The team is then slowly surrounded by legions of the Undead Umbrella employees. Rain, J.D., and Chad Kaplan proceed to dispose of them. Several bullets hit one of the surrounding tanks, which causes an explosion.

Matt recognizing his sister.

Matt spots the keys and uncuffs himself to escape and continue his search for his missing sister, Lisa. After escaping an Undead attack, Matt sneaks into his sister's office to find her or her evidence against Umbrella, but is attacked by an Undead Lisa. Before Lisa can bite or kill Matt, Alice kills Lisa with her own glass paperweight. After the Undead Lisa's death, Matt explains to Alice the truth about his and his sister's actions, telling Alice about Lisa's unnamed inside source and how he suspects the source betrayed Lisa in order to sell the T-virus on the black market. Unknown to Matt, his words trigger Alice's memory of being Lisa's source for a price she can't remember.

The two then retreat to the control room where the rest of the survivors are. With no other choice, the group reactivates the Red Queen in order to find a way out. The Red Queen directs the group into some underground maintenance tunnels where they come under attack by a horde of Undead, losing Kaplan in the process. Returning to the surface, Alice remembers the anti-virus and leads the group into the lab where both were created, revealing to Matt that she is his sister's source but can't remember if she betrayed Lisa. As they find the T-virus and anti-virus samples gone, Spence remembers that he is the one who released the T-virus and turns on the group, escaping and trapping them in the lab. However, he is killed by a Licker which evolves into an Advanced Licker. The Red Queen offers to free the group if they kill an infected Rain Ocampo, but Alice refuses and the Red Queen is fried by Kaplan, setting them free.

Resident Evil film - Undead Rain tries to bite Matt.jpg

The group returns to the train where Alice kills the reanimated Spence and retrieves the T-virus and anti-virus. As they make their way back to the mansion, Matt treats Kaplan with the anti-virus as Alice does the same with Rain. However, the Advanced Licker attacks the train, scratching Matt's shoulder and killing Kaplan. During the fight with the Advanced Licker, Matt faces off with and kills an Undead Rain, causing her to fall on the button that opens a door in the train floor, dropping the Advanced Licker to the tracks and setting it on fire through friction, killing it.

Matt mutates.

As Alice and Matt return to the mansion, the Hive is sealed off. Matt assures Alice that with the T-virus samples, they can bring Umbrella down, but begins to mutate from the Advanced Licker scratches. Before Alice can administer the anti-virus to Matt, Umbrella forces arrive and kidnap the two. An unnamed doctor notes Matt's mutation and orders him placed into the Nemesis Program.

Mutation into the Nemesis

Matt Addison as Nemesis in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Matt undergoes massive mutation from the Advanced Licker scratches in the Umbrella facility in Raccoon City with Umbrella scientists led by J. Isaacs using Matt's mutation to transform him into the Nemesis. As Nemesis, Matt's entire body became extremely disfigured and unrecognizable. Matt's body was covered with a protective coat resembling leather and most likely containing kevlar to protect its body from high caliber weapons, explosions and extreme amounts of heat. He also had the right side of his face stapled shut with only his left eye visible. During the mutation process, Matt either lost the skin on the right side of his face or it was removed by Umbrella as witnessed by Alice as she was similarly experimented upon.

Raccoon City Incident

During the Raccoon City Incident, Major Timothy Cain decides to activate both Alice, injected with massive amounts of the T-virus but having adapted it and Nemesis to test the programs success against the Undead hordes. To aid Nemesis, Umbrella deploys a M314 mini-gun and a rocket launcher for him to use as weapons. Making his way through Raccoon City, Nemesis is largely ignored by the Undead hordes, allowing him to dispatch them with ease and soon encounters surviving S.T.A.R.S forces and is directed to kill them. Despite S.T.A.R.S best efforts, Nemesis easily wipes them out, but leaves LJ alone when he disarms, seeing LJ as a non-combatant.

Moving on through the city, Nemesis savagely slaughters thousands of the Undead with no resistance as he passes by them. He eventually spots two more S.T.A.R.S members, Jill Valentine and Peyton Wells. Following his programing, Nemesis, who is detected by Alice, opens fire, killing Peyton. After Nemesis detects Alice, he is ordered to engage her instead. Nemesis battles Alice who proves unable to harm him, ultimately ending in a draw when Alice escapes down a garbage chute too small for Nemesis to follow through and he is ordered to disengage. He is then withdrawn by Umbrella back towards the evacuation point.


Matt vs. Alice.

With the situation out of their control, Umbrella decides to destroy Raccoon City with a nuclear strike and send a helicopter to evacuate Nemesis. Having been told of the helicopter by Doctor Charles Ashford, Alice's group makes their way there only to be ambushed by Cain and Umbrella. Cain commands Nemesis to disarm and Alice to fight him to the death to determine which of the two is the better. After Cain kills Ashford, Alice reluctantly engages Nemesis in unarmed combat. Despite Nemesis' superior size and strength, Alice is able to hold her own and finally impales him on a broken piece of metal. As Alice assaults the impaled Nemesis, she recalls the events after she and Matt escaped the Hive, including witnessing him starting to mutate and the command to place Matt in the Nemesis Program. Alice realizes that Matt is Nemesis and breaks off her attack despite Cain's orders for her to kill him.

Matt is protecting Alice.

Nemesis listens to Cain's explanation to Alice, including Cain calling Nemesis an evolutionary dead-end. Freeing himself from the piece of metal, Nemesis retrieves his mini-gun and is ordered to kill Alice. Apparently remembering Alice or at least recognizing her as an ally rather than his enemy, Nemesis kills the two Umbrella troopers guarding Alice, giving Alice's group the chance to fight back. In the firefight that follows, Nemesis takes several hits without falling and uses his mini-gun to mow down Umbrella troops alongside Alice and her friends. Running out of ammunition, Nemesis instead resorts to physical force against Umbrella. Finally, as Alice is cornered by two Umbrella attack helicopters, Nemesis steps in before she can be killed. Nemesis is able to use his rocket launcher to destroy the helicopters and save Alice, but is crushed under the wreckage of one of the helicopters, apparently killing Nemesis and thus Matt as well. Alice sadly observes Nemesis' unmoving hand trapped under the wreckage moments later. If Nemesis wasn't killed by the falling helicopter, he was killed a short time later when Umbrella's nuclear missile destroyed Raccoon City.


As Matt, he cared deeply about his sister Lisa as shown by his obvious grief over her death. Matt also believed that powerful corporations such as Umbrella aren't above the law and that its his job to stop Umbrella and their illegal research. His actions during the Hive outbreak show Matt to be brave, tricking his way into the Hive to find his missing sister, fighting alongside Alice and the Sanitation team and attempting to stop Spence when he betrays them. Matt also displays a degree of resourcefulness, creating a fake ID to get inside the Hive after the outbreak starts and coming up with a plausible story that causes the Sanitation team to not look deeper into the ID. During the fight on the train, Matt also displays this resourcefulness when he uses a load of pipes against the Advanced Licker.

As Nemesis, Matt at first appeared to be a mindless drone, only doing whatever was necessary to follow the commands Umbrella programed him with and nothing further. For example, after LJ was dismissed as a non-combatant due to LJ dropping his weapons, Nemesis simply walked away as he was only ordered to kill S.T.A.R.S. The only emotion Nemesis ever displayed was anger at times such as when he was injured.

After Alice realized Nemesis was Matt, Nemesis appeared to either remember Alice or recognize that she was not his enemy and that Umbrella was. As such, he turned from a mindless drone into a powerful ally of Alice's. While on Alice's side, Nemesis displayed emotions such as anger when he was hit by bullets and frustration when he ran out of ammunition for his mini-gun in the middle of the firefight. Nemesis also appeared to regain some of Matt's protective instincts and possibly some of his care for Alice as he purposefully interposed himself between an attack helicopter and Alice as it was about to kill her and then shot it down, saving her life at the cost of his own.

Skills and Abilities

Prior to his mutation as the Nemesis, Matt appeared to have basic knowledge of firearms, using handguns to an acceptable degree. Matt also demonstrated his ability to keep covert information hidden under strict scrutiny, avoiding revealing his identity to the Umbrella Sanitation Team when they interrogated him.

After mutating into the Nemesis and being experimented on, he displays a large amount of durability, being able to withstand a barrage of gunfire from a high-caliber sniper rifle, and multiple handguns and sub-machine guns without flinching. Nemesis was also later impaled on a large piece of metal for a few minutes but was able to remove himself from it and engage in a fight in which he suffered multiple other injuries without falling. Nemesis also demonstrated some abilities in melee combat, being able to fight well against Alice, though not enough to win. Against regular humans such as Umbrella troopers, Nemesis' strength was sufficient that a single shove from him was able to kill Nemesis' targets. In armed combat, Nemesis was armed with a mini-gun and a custom-made rocket launcher, both of which he could lift effortlessly at the same time despite their heavy weight. Nemesis also possessed incredible marksmanship, able to kill all of the S.T.A.R.S. members in a theater around Lloyd Jefferson Wayne without once hitting him despite using his deadly mini-gun. He was also able to kill two Umbrella troopers on either side of Alice with the mini-gun without once hitting her either. The Nemesis' cybernetic augmentations also allowed him to monitor his remaining ammunitions, lock on to targets, current health and rate of regeneration as well as receive Umbrella issued orders that he needed to act upon. Shortly before his death, the Nemesis showed enough will-power to ignore direct orders from Umbrella and act on his own accord, helping the survivors escape Raccoon City.

Further notes

  • David Boreanaz was approached to play Matt but he turned it down due to Angel commitments.
  • Aside from archival footage from the first film featuring shots of Eric Mabius, Milla Jovovich is the only person to reprise a role in Apocalypse.
  • In earlier scripts for the film, Twelve finds out his real identity while still in the mansion. Along with his professional work, he is also found to be an eco-terrorist known for sabotaging oil facilities. His real name is also revealed to be Matthew Frost, with aliases "Matthew Pryce"; "Matthew Wayne", and "Matt Zabrowaki".
  • Matt's only kill in the film series while still human is the Undead Rain Ocampo.
  • Matt is the only known character to be infected by the T-virus through a scratch. While the Red Queen tells the survivors in the first movie that the T-virus is spread through bites and scratches, only Matt is ever seen to be infected this way.
  • In the film Apocalypse, one can spot the Nemesis has a version model number of "NEMESIS 1.0.0" during the few scenes in the film that are placed within its cybernetic point of view at the bottom left corner. The reason for this version number is never touched upon, but it is possible that there were plans for improvement on the Nemesis Program, had it been deemed a success.
  • In the novelization of Apocalypse, Matt is shown to exist as a separate consciousness from Nemesis within his own body. In the novelization, during the final battle, Matt is able to use his memories of Umbrella to weaken Nemesis and regain control after fighting Alice. Thus, in the novelization, it is Matt and not Nemesis who aids Alice's group.
  • In the opening monologue for Apocalypse, Matt is referred to as an environmentalist by Alice.
  • Matt tells Alice in Resident Evil that if the Sanitation team had seen through his fake ID, it would've set off red flags with multiple law enforcement agencies. This and his inability to infiltrate the Hive himself suggests that Matt may have been wanted by or well known to multiple law enforcement agencies.