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"Be careful. Those things will kill you in a heartbeat."
— Matthew warns the survivors.

Matthew was a citizen of Raccoon City at the time of the viral outbreak. He is a caucasian man, appearing in his 30s, with brown hair and goatee, who wears dark trousers, a white undershirt and a white, button-up shirt over the former.


During the chaos, Matthew sought safety within the Raccoon City Police Station's temporary shelter. He later attempted to reach one of the evacuation zones located in close proximity to Raccoon Zoo. He was injured during the process and, like the survivors, sought refuge within the zoo. The survivors must eliminate the infected Zombie Elephant before going into the office in order to speak with Matthew; If they do not, the elephant will kill him.

Whether Matthew was able to survive the destruction of Raccoon City depends almost entirely on the player's actions. Defeating the infected elephant before entering the office will prevent his death.


He is a Jim-type character and starts with an Iron Pipe in his inventory.

Matthew has the following stats:

  • A running speed similar to that of George Hamilton.
  • An average vitality of between 2000 and 2500.
  • An attack power similar to that of David King.
  • A high infection rate of 1.48% per minute.

Further notes

  • Matthew's character skin can be accessed only through cheat devices such as GameShark.
  • His name is "Man8" in the original game.
  • Matthew makes a small cameo in the "Decisions, Decisions" opening cutscene, wherein he appears alongside several other survivors being housed in the temporary shelter of the RPD garage.