"A long, thin tool of some sort."
— Inventory description
"A handle for a mechanic jack."
— Inventory examination
— Inventory description - Japanese
— Inventory examination - Japanese

Mechanic Jack Handle is a key item in Resident Evil 2.

Item purpose

It is used to move a bookcase in the Library, which allows access to the Main Hall (3F) and the Clock Tower.


It is found in the Records Room, requires the Heart Key (Claire) or Club Key (Leon) to enter the room.


Obtaining the Mechanic Jack Handle will cause T-00 to spawn near the room it is located and be aware the player is in the room.[1]



  1. Note: If the player puts down Mr. X in the east wing and run to obtain the tool, it will take roughly 30 seconds to do so (the same amount of time Mr. X will be down for) and despite that, he will still appear in the room shortly after
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