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For the DeCandido adaptation, see Olga Danilova.

The Medic was a field medic for the Umbrella commando unit that entered Hive to shut down the hologram. Her weapon of choice was a Walther P99.


She, like other fellow commandos, was also impatient with Chad Kaplan and his computer hacking. She was the first killed by the Red Queen when she entered the chamber along with One, Vance Drew, and Alfonso Warner. She noticed the first laser but failed to dodge it, and was subsequently decapitated.



  • She was the second female member of the Umbrella Commando team to appear in the Resident Evil film the first being Rain Ocampo.
  • If one were to look closely at the scene where James pushes the squad down to dodge the first laser, one could see she is already looking at the laser, before the scene switches to her head suddenly looking away from the laser. This is likely an oversight.


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