"Material used to create the cultivation medium needed for the vaccine creation. It creates the vaccine cultivation medium combined with several chemicals."
— Item examination - English
"ワクチンの作成するための培養液の材料だ 数種の薬品と混合してワクチン培養液を作成する "
— Item examination - Japanese

Medium Base (培養液ベース Baiyōeki bēsu?) is a key item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


It can be used to create the Vaccine Medium, using the synthesis machine, which is located in the same laboratory.

Initially, there is no power for the cultivation tank. "It seems that the power is shut off" - one can read, exploring the machine. Next to it, Carlos can find the switcher, which can activate the tank. "It seems to be an electric power supply switcher. It is set to the cultivation tank. Will you push the electric power supply?" message will appear, exploring that switcher.

After activating it, the cultivation can be started, but the water in fish tanks with Hunter γ will be drained as well. When the power is restored, Carlos can read the message "A synthesizer of chemicals. Medium Base can be set here." and after that, he can use the Medium Base. When the base is set to the synthesizer, it disappears from the inventory.


It can be found in the laboratory in the Raccoon General Hospital's underground level B3F.




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