First two cutscene can play when Jill opens the manhole in the restaurant and haven't already met Carlos inside The Raccoon Press. One of the choice on the live selection is "Hide inside the kitchen". The other is "Run into the basement".

The other two cutscenes can play when Jill goes first to the The Raccoon Press office and meets Carlos there. The choices of the live selection are: "Jump out of the window" and "Hide in the back".


Jill Valentine: What's that?

Carlos Oliveira Calm down, lady. I'm not a zombie. My name's Carlos, corporal of Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force. What's your name?

Jill: Jill. Did you just say you belong to Umbrella's army?

Carlos: Yeah. We came all the way out here to save you civilians but the mission went bad the minute we landed.

Nemesis-T Type: (Roar)

Jill: How did he find me?

Jill: Over here.

Carlos: Are you crazy? You could have barbecued both of us!

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