Waggoner novelization
(Novelization of Final Chapter)
"You have to admit, the Melange has a certain primal elegance to it, pity it doesn't last long. Fifteen minutes from now it will liquefy, becoming lifeless sludge. Of course, by then we'll be long dead. Unless you act quickly."
— Albert Wesker remarking on the Melange to Alice Abernathy

The Melange (French for "mixed" or "mixture") was a massive creature created by Dania Cardoza using the combined biomass of the army of Kipepeo, Undead, and Uber Lickers among other mutants. Its sole purpose was to destroy Albert Wesker and the resistance in Washington, D.C.


The Melange was a B.O.W. created by Dania Cardoza. Using a prototype Scarab device, Cardoza took control of the mutant army amidst the assault on the White House to intimidate Albert Wesker, warning him to surrender, lest he faces death along with his entire resistance. As both sides refuse to back down, Cardoza prompted the flocks of Kipepeo to infect the undead army with a unique viral strain found within their spines. Upon infection, the army began mutating into a large mass of tentacles that began combining together as one large amoeba-like mass that Albert Wesker explained to be the Melange.

The B.O.W. was described by Albert to only be viable for roughly fifteen minutes before liquefying as it was still a prototype bio-weapon from Umbrella. Using its mass as a weapon, the Melange swiftly began falling the ranks of the resistance, absorbing the soldiers into its body. Upon the deaths of Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong to the creature, Alice mustered enough psychokinetic strength to destroy Dania Cardoza's fleet of V-22's with her mind, the resulting fiery explosions were forced onto the vast creature, burning it's flesh and injuring it gravely before she collapsed under the pressure.

In Alice's weakened state, Jill Valentine took aim at Wesker for his betrayal to the resistance, only for him to swiftly impale her eye socket with a finger tendril, seemingly killing her. Afterward, Albert took Alice out to the Melange to face an agonizing death, trapping her in a small patch of land completely surrounded by the creature's mass. As the creature grew more and more desperate to regenerate its body, it reached out to Alice with blazing tentacles in an attempt to absorb her, but she managed to evade the creature's weakened attacks and hack at its tentacles with her spare Katana as she crawled to the center of the dwindling circle of land. Losing her Katana, the Melange final took hold of Alice by an arm and a leg and threatened to rip her apart, until a heavily brain damaged Jill appeared wielding Alice's sword and cut her free, only to be absorbed into the creature moments before it finally began to expire and dissolve. As it died, it used it's liquefying mass to try and absorb Alice, only for her to escape in an uncovered escape hatch, presumed to be used for emergencies to evacuate the president and sealed the hatch behind her. The Melange finally dissolved shortly thereafter, as its viability prevented it from surviving any longer.


The Melange was described as being a large, discolored, Amoeba-like mass of spongy tentacles and pustules that would absorb any biological material it could find to grow larger by using its many tentacles to snare victims before swallowing them whole. Due to the unrefined state of technology required to achieve the creation of a Melange, it's entire structure was deemed very fragile and would dissolve after approximately fifteen minutes after being developed.

The creation of a Melange is achieved through the combined effort of a prototype Scarab device being attached to T-Virus mutants that are further mutated by the spines of a Kipepeo, resulting in a creature comprised of writhing tentacles. The Scarab devices would then prompt the new mutants to combine their masses together, forming an immense hive minded creature that only acted upon the primal need to consume more biomass.

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