This page is for information about the Melee mechanics in Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil 6 has several systems in place for its melee mechanics. Melee attacks include the freely usable commands, all attacks using the Survival knife, Tactical knife, Stun Rod, and Jake's Hand to Hand, reaction moves available when a melee prompt is shown, and counter-attacks. These systems are further affected by variables such as if the player is out of Stamina, what weapon they have equipped, their environment, and what enemy is being attacked.

Melee attacks are affected by associated Skills and add time during The Mercenaries minigame when landing a killing blow with one. All melee attacks have a chance to cause critical damage, and this chance can be further increased by equipping specific skills.


What weapon the character has equipped affects which melee attacks are used.

Weapon size

All weapons are counted as either small are large.


Command attacks

These attacks can be used at any time. Only the first attack of the two-hit combo doesn't cost a block of Stamina. Most of these moves are strong enough to stun (thus opening a chance to Reaction moves) or even kill an opponent.

  • Two-hit combo: By pressing the Melee Button two times, the character will perform a two-hit combo, with the last hit being potentially more powerful and causing more stun, usually stunning weaker enemies and leaving them open to Reaction Attacks. When equipped with a small weapon, characters will use their own unique attack. When equipped with a large weapon, everyone will share a standard combo involving attacking with the weapon. Trying to use melee attacks with the bar depleted will result in a very slow and weak attack, leaving the character vulnerable to the opponents.
  • Backward attack: While facing backward (facing the camera and the player) then pressing the melee button, the character will perform a different attack to hit an enemy behind them.
  • Sprint attack: By sprinting and pressing the Melee Button, the character will perform a dash attack, capable of either stun or launch the enemy (these depends on the character used and the specific enemy). Male characters will use a shoulder ram while female characters launch a flying kick.
  • Slide kick: By sprinting and pressing the dodge button, the character will slide kick that can cause light damage to enemies and possibly stun them. This slide kick can also be used to crash item boxes and may also kill a downed enemy.
  • Dying attack: Press the melee attack while in dying state and the character will kick outward.

Specific position attacks

These attacks will always be available to use even while enemies aren't stunned. All will use one block of stamina and only usable if the player has Stamina.

  • Downed enemy attack: by pressing the Melee Button near a downed enemy, the character will stomp it; if the character's foot hits the enemy's head, it will cause a head critical strike. Depending on the weapon equipped the character will perform a different attack rather than a stomp. Also, players can stomp enemies more than one time, and depending on the player's position to the enemy, hitting the head increases the chance of critical damage. The character will stab the enemy if they have the Assault Rifle RN, Survival Knife, Combat Knife, Stun Rod. If Jake has his Hand-tohand equipped he will pick them up and throw them.
  • Low kick: Used to deal with zombie dog c. It shares the same animation of breaking crates and boxes.

Reaction attacks

These attacks can be used while the enemy is stunned. Characters will use their own unique attack unless they have a specific weapon equipped or other circumstances are present. All will use one block of stamina and only usable if the player has Stamina.

  • Standard: the character performs a powerful attack against an enemy facing him/her. This attack usually can hit multiple enemies. Characters will stab using the Assault Rifle RN 's bayonet when it is equipped.
  • Throw: A stronger attack than the standard one. Usually can be used if the enemy is stunned by a head shot.
  • Back take-down: if the character attacks the enemy from behind, it will perform a more powerful attack that usually causes head critical. Additionally, if the enemy does not notice the character, the Reaction Attack is available without having to stun the enemy. Characters with the Combat Knife equipped will use it to slit the enemy's throat.
  • Coup de Grace: Very powerful attack. Usable if enemy is dazed. This attack is automatically used against stunned enemies like Bloodshots, Whoppers and Lepotica. These are exceedingly more powerful than simply using a stunned melee prompt, oftentimes beheading thus killing enemies or sending them flying back while dealing very high amounts of damage akin to parries.

Stealth attacks

Melee prompts will appear if the enemy isn't aware of the player's presence. The attack used will back-take down, or an alternate attack based on the environment.

Character attacks

Character have unique animations with some differing properties for certain attacks.

Character Two-hit combo with small weapon Standard light stun melee Back take-down Throw Coup de Grace Counter
Leon Left kick, right kick Roundhouse Bulldog Judo arm throw Back turning kick Duck to knees and back kick
Helena Pistol whip, rising kick Low roundhouse Leg sweep then elbow drop Shoulder throw Dropkick Duck and elbow attack
Chris Punch, pistol whip Back turning fist Neck breaker Pick up an throw Straight punch Duck and shoulder rush
Piers Front kick, pistol whip Roundhouse Kick to the knee to make enemy kneel, then use his arm to break their neck. Uses his arm to grab enemy neck, turn 180* and throw enemy over his shoulder. Uppercut Duck and elbow attack
Jake Right front kick, left front kick Jumping roundhouse Suplex Spinning DDT Axe kick Turn to back and elbow attack
Sherry Front kick, pistol whip Roundhouse Sherry will hold enemy's head then make an up-swing jump, when she landed, she smashed the enemy face on the ground, crushing their head. Sherry runs forward to the enemy and climbs onto their chest, kicking out with both feet simultaneously, thus preforming a back flip in the process to send the enemy flying backwards. Sherry will sit on her skees, turn 180* and then deliver a high kick to the enemy. Duck to knees and back kick.
Ada/Carla Pistol whip, kick Fan kick Ada will grab enemy neck by her legs and smash them in the ground. Somersault Roundhouse
Agent Hammer punch: He will rise his fist high, and chop it down to the enemy. Duck and elbow attack

Alternate attacks

Characters now have different reaction moves depending on the enemy and if it is carrying melee weapons or not. For example, using a reaction move against a zombie carrying a weapon, such as a knife or shovel, will cause the character to "steal" the weapon from the zombie and kill it with it; however these weapons cannot be picked up or equipped as regular items. In a similar fashion, some reaction moves will be different depending on the weapon your character is carrying (such as impaling grounded enemies when holding a knife).

These attack will replace the standard melee reaction attacks under certain circumstances.

  • Bayonet stab: Replaces the Standard reaction when the Assault Rifle RN is equipped.
  • Weapon-steal: if the enemy is holding a melee weapon or has a weapon stabbed inside them, the character will steal that weapon and kill the enemy with it.
  • Wall smash: if the enemy is close to a wall, the character will slam its head against the wall, causing head critical. Requires enemy to be stunned first.
  • Leg pull: If the player is standing near a ledge and an enemy is on a higher level next to them, the character pulls the enemy's leg forcing them down.
  • Ground smash: If the player is at the ledge of a higher level and the enemy is on a lower level, the character and jump from the ledge and catch the enemy and drive them to the ground.
  • Push: if the enemy is close to a gap in a bridge or building, the character will push them away.
  • Stealth take down: Pressing the melee button while standing against a wall and an unaware patrolling J'avo comes close enough, characters can perform stealth kills.

Stun types

Stunning Zombies, J'avo can require more than one shot in the specific area. However, the system has been refined and further expanded; enemies can be stunned by simply being shot anywhere in their bodies, not requiring specifically to be shot in the head or other weak points, though shooting these have a higher hit-stun rate.

Stun type/level Cause Front position attack Back position attack
Standing light Basic melee command, male characters' dash, sliding, Quick Shots that do not knockdown, some counterattacks Standard Standard
Standing medium Damage to arms or back Standard Back take-down
Standing heavy Turning around attack from males, Flash Grenades, additional stunning attacks during standing stun Coup de Gace Back take-down
Head stun Damage head Throw from front
Coup de Grace from side
Back take-town
Kneeling Damage legs Standard Standard


All will use one block of stamina and only usable if the player has Stamina. During certain enemies' certain attacks, there will be a short period of time before the attack is active in which a "counter-attack" prompt will available to use. These attacks usually involve quickly attacking the enemy back to stop the incoming attack. Counter attacks count both as melee attacks and their sub-category of attacks affected by certain skills.

The standard counter is used against a handful of attacks. While holding small weapons, characters will use their own uniquely animated attack. While holding a big weapon a common one will be used involving smacking the enemy with the weapon. The Combat knife has its own unique animation.

Otherwise, a specific counter used for each of the following:

Enemy Situation Animation
Zombies holding a weapon Zombie attacks using a vertical or horizontal swing Block the attack, take the weapon and attack with it
Zombies, Zombie Dog C, Rasklapanje missing its legs and arms Leaping Step forward and smack downward with weapon,
Bloodshot Leaping Characters will flip the creature on its back and stomp its organs.
Bloodshot Upper claw Grab arm and punch face. Leaves Bloodshot stunned.
J'avo with knife, stun rod, wrist blade Crouch under attack, and follow up with an elbow to the face
J'avo with machine gun Grab arm and elbow head
J'avo with sword Sword performance Stab sword through back
Glava-Sluz Spin webs Head lock and break neck
Ruka-Srp Downward arm chop Grab arm, knee elbow, twist it to attack head
Ruka-Hvatanje Short distance arm attack Pull arm and swing around
Ruka-Bedem Shield swing Dodge and jumping rising kick to face
Noga-Trchanje Leap Catch and throw to ground
Noga-Skakanje Backwards kick Grab leg and twist while falling to ground
Noga-Let Thrown to ground
Napad Charging at player Males will stop the Napad's charge and knee them cracking its armor. Females will jumps on the creature's back which will avoid damage.
Deborah Leaping at player Catch her and throw to ground.
Simmons mutation 1
Ustanak Rushing
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