This page is for the melee mechanic in Resident Evil 7.

Melee is a gameplay feature that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


Not a Hero

Melee attacks are performed by pressing the fire button while not aiming when prompts appear.

Punch - Usable against stunned Molded, Blade Molded, and also on the Mama Molded

Stomp - Usable against fallen enemies

End of Zoe

Joe at all times has access to punches, represented by the Bare Fists and are augmented if he has the AMG-78, AMG-78a, or Dual AMGs.

Aim - Left punch Fire - Right punch Rapid jabs combo - Left, right, right Strong combo - Right, left, right, left Charge punch - Hold left with AMG-78, AMG-78a, or Dual AMGs Special punch - Left and right with Dual AMGs

Joe also has access to specific melee prompts.

Finisher - Usable against stunned Molded and Double Bladed Molded

Stomp - Usable against any knocked down enemies

Stealth kill - Usable from any not alerted enemies from behind (excluding Fat Molded and Gator)


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