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Memo about Billy's Past is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


Tragedy rocks the U.S. Marine Corps!

A dark day in Africa

Rumors surround Dunell Marine Base, situated in the American heartland.

These rumors were sparked by the U.N. condemnation of the Guerilla Cleanup Operation in Africa.

An NPO has disclosed that the execution of 23 alleged soldiers was actually the slaughter of 23 innocent local inhabitants.

The military has retracted their initial statements about the operation, and the world is in uproar over their involvement in the affair.

An investigative committee has been quickly assembled to look into the incident, and the results of the inquiry are disturbing.

They have announced that the truth of the matter is that "one marine panicked under the extreme conditions and unintentionally killed the civilians".

This marine is said to be currently being held under close medical supervision and will receive just punishment in full accordance with the law. Details on the individual remain undisclosed at this time.

The military's reluctance to disclose information has only fueled media claims of a cover-up.

Should the top brass be allowed to shirk responsibility for a soldier in their command massacring 23
innocent people? Does this cold-blooded killing machine of a Marine even exist? This would not be the first time the military kept information on an operation quiet, but the emergence of a single solider to blame seems all too convenient and reeks of conspiracy.

If they do not disclose the full truth behind the incident, there is no foundation for regaining the trust of the citizens they are supposed to protect.

The military will not be able to escape the suspicions of the people, nor of the family of the soldier implicated in this sad affair.

Dunell Marine Base continues to deny media access to the facility, while soldiers continue their drills as if nothing has happened. Where is the justice? Is this what our America has become?

We all want to believe that our brave, shining knights in the U.S. military have our best interests at heart, so we can only hope and wait for an appropriate response to the public's outrage.

Jeff Hendricks
War's Power Magazine

Marine Corps shocked! Dark day in Africa

A Marine Corps based in the Midwest, Dunell Base is churning over dark rumors.

Beginning: The United Nations has pointed out the illegality of the "Africa Inland Guerilla Search and Destroy Operation".

By an NPO, the shocking fact - that the successfully-downed 23 "armed soldiers" were actually "unarmed local residents" - was revealed.

海兵隊震撼! アフリカの黒い一日














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