Memories of a Lost City is an eight chapter scenario in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Alongside Game of Oblivion, it makes up the bulk of the game with Operation Javier as its framing device.This scenario re-tells the events of Resident Evil 2, leading up to when Leon and Claire escape Raccoon City alongside Sherry Birkin. In addition, it incorporates a retelling of Leon's epilogue from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, explaining how he became a U.S. government agent, leading into the Operation: Javier mission in 2002.


The events are told from Leon's perspective, as he relates his first experiences with zombies and B.O.W.s to Jack Krauser in South America after they defeat a mysterious creature in a church and save a young girl.

Differences from Resident Evil 2

Memories of a Lost City borrows most of its story from the canonical storyline of Resident Evil 2, which is "Claire A/Leon B". However, some elements are taken from the alternate scenarios "Leon A/Claire B" and some details and events are embellished, presumably due to the events being from Leon's perspective as he relates them to Krauser. Most of the differences to the original game stem from the co-op system used in Darkside Chronicles, which pairs the main characters up as opposed to spliting them up, as well as the lack of puzzles and key items, which is due to the game's rail shooter gameplay.

  • Leon and Claire meet on the street as opposed to the alley outside of a restaurant.
  • It's implied that the tanker truck has crashed, but this time, it happened before they met, and did not spilt them.
  • Neither of them speak to Robert Kendo, and simply overhear his death and see him being devoured.
  • Marvin is found in the lobby of the police station as opposed to his office. Regardless, he still succumbs to the t-Virus and attacks them.
  • Irons is first encountered in his torture chamber instead of his main office. The identity of his recent victim is never revealed in dialogue. On a related note, Leon also encounters him alive at this time, something he has never done in the original game.
  • They fight "Trenchy" in the sewer, which never happened, besides a brief sighting by Claire and Sherry in "Claire B".
  • Lurkers are present in the sewer system. Not necessarily an anachronism, but Lurkers have only canonically appeared in Resident Evil 0 and later Operation: Javier.
  • In the flashback, Annette never appears to see William injured and HUNK identifies himself by name.
  • When Sherry's scream is heard, Annette chooses to attend to other business instead of splitting up to help Claire find her.
  • The viewer is never shown how William implanted the G embyro into Sherry. This is approriate due to the fact Leon never witnessed the event firsthand.
  • The factory is never shown nor explored. The train elavator is shown being used briefly in one cutscene but is not used as the stage for two major battles of the game; G's Second Form in the A scenarios, and G's Third Form in the B scenarios.
  • Annette is killed by William/G's second form, as opposed to his third.
  • Leon and Claire have a proper battle with T-00 in the blast furnace. In the original game, he simply falls into the blast furnace after Ada shoots him multiple times in the head.
  • The nest of the Giant Moth is much larger. Originally, it only covered one room, and part of a hallway. Additionally, there are at least six giant moths in the lab, instead of just one and its larvae.
  • The P-4 Lab is much smaller than in the original game.
  • G's second, third, and fourth forms are all fought in succession on the walkway surrounding the location where the Main Fuse is used in Resident Evil 2. Originally G's second form is fought only on the train elevator in the A scenario, while his third form appears in the same location on the B scenario or as the first phase of the "final battle" in the A scenario alongside his fourth form.
  • The vaccine is administered to Sherry in the Security Office instead of the main car of the hidden subway.
  • The Super Tyrant is not covered in flames, as he was when he appeared in Resident Evil 2. he also uses the Regeneration gameplay mechanic used only in Darkside Chronicles. When he's defeated, he simply collapses instead of being blown to pieces.
  • The train never activates its self-destruct mechanism, and as such, the means to defeat G's fifth form differed. Instead of defeating him and then using the emergency brake to escape on foot, Leon and Claire simply separate the car connector, leaving him behind to be caught in the self-destruction of the lab instead.
  • Leon informs Sherry of Annette's death, an event which only really occurred when Sherry found her mother dying in "Claire B".
  • Leon's (and in a way Sherry's) epilogue is used to end the scenario, despite the fact that the events transpiring are revealed at the end of Resident Evil 3.

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