Memory of a Lost City 3 is the third part of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles's "Memory of a Lost City" scenario.


As they look for Sherry they encounter a mysterious woman named Ada Wong, who tells them she's looking for any leads on the whereabouts of her missing boyfriend John Clemens, and that reporter Ben Bertolucci may have anwsers. Claire is initially distrustful of her, and assumes Leon is only helping her to impress her. As they approach the holding cells, they witness the passing of a creature with a bulbous eye growing on its shoulder. They avoid a confrontation and continue to the cells, only to find Ben's body, ravaged by the monster. Ben had left a message on the wall of his cell, explaining the Chief of Police's connections with Umbrella Inc. and how he was accepting bribes. Ada disappears, and they decide to move on.




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