Memory of a Lost City 4 is the fourth part of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles's "Memory of a Lost City" scenario.


Reaching the chief's office, they encounter "Trenchy" again. He proves just as durable as their last encounter, but the duo manage to incapacitate him and move on. In the chief's office, they find Sherry, who panics and begins running around in the dark. Upon securing her and killing some zombies they explain their intentions and take her with them, proceeding to the room behind the Chief's desk. Upon taking an elevator down, they encounter the Chief, whom Leon identifies as Brian Irons. Irons is found in his own private torture chamber with the corpse of the Mayor's daughter, Katherine Warren. He explains that he was about to stuff her before he recognizes Sherry as the daughter of someone named Dr. Birkin. Suddenly he clutches his chest, and a larval creature bursts out. This kills him immediately and the larvae quickly mutates into a G Mutant. Leon and Claire defeats it and move on.




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