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  • I found a few pages that were designated as students of some sort. See your sandbox for the list. It has a few false positives, but you can ignore the ones with blanks in the fields. I'm not sure why they show up yet, and I had to break it up in to a few smaller tables, but that's the best I could do in a few minutes.

    If you are on Discord, you can DM me at Moviesign#6611. Good luck with your fanfic.

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  • I can help you find lists of people, places, or things on this wiki using DPL, if you wish. I'm not familiar with the game, so you will have to be specific about what you want to know. It will have to be information that can be found in the infoboxes and the existing categories, like "Females in Category:Resident Evil: Afterlife characters". Here is an example.

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    Forerunner closed this thread because:
    22:57, July 31, 2019
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    • I'm calm. They are allowed to post, doesn't mean they had to post. And maybe I do have a "terrible" case for harrassment, maybe not. I didn't stir up any shit. I simply asked a question and disagreed with the response.

      I never pinning anything one one admin. The entire team, make a poor decision. 

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    • This convo's just going in circles. I'll just lock this down.

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