aka El Rocky Raccoon

  • I live in Raccoon City
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Guardian of the Galaxy
  • I am Male
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  • Just wanted to say good edits on the egg page. I added a ton of info last night and looks like to fixed the minor errors I left. Looks good! Don't know if you're new here or how familiar you are with the wiki but a flood of dumb user with bad edits are ruining the wiki, so thanks for the good edits, try to keep it. Talk with someone in the chat for 2ed opinions on edits if you are unsure.

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    • Thanks! I'm glad they're appreciated. I've checked this Wiki before, but I wasn't a user. Then I kept seeing a lot of incomplete and bad written info, so I decided to make this account and make my contribution. I most played RE4 and R5, so my contributions will be limited to those games.

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  • Greetings. This is an auto-message sent to welcome you to the Resident Evil Wiki, the editable source for Resident Evil information! We thank you for your edit to "Gatling Gun"

    Please read our introduction, where you'll find out what this site is and what we're trying to accomplish.

    • Need help? Visit our help section where you can find how to add images and get assistance with editing.
    • Questions? Post them on the forums! We need all the assistance we can get and have many articles that we could use help on, which you can find here!

    Sign your edits! We only sign our edits when posting on Talk pages; to do this, just put four "tildes" (~) after the comment. Then, when you press the "Save Page" button, Resident Evil Wiki will replace the code with your username and the time and date you posted!

    Interested in chatting with fellow users? Then check out our Chat feature!

    If you need any further help, contact me on my talk page and I'll see if I can help you with anything else! -- Forerunner (Talk) 06:15, June 18, 2012

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