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  • Hey there! For our own reference, I was curious what you meant by "courtesy of" on the "RE7 spiders.png" image. Was it taken from the site, given to the wiki with permission, or what? Thanks in advance!

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    • Hey, I don't mean to rush, but please respond as soon as possible! Thanks. :)

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    • Hello! Sorry, I'm in the midst of a police career application, so I've been absent more often than not! 😅

      In regards to the image "RE7_Spiders.png", I had taken it from the site, labelled it as belonging to another site, and then accredited its use from EvilResource.Com

      If there was any issue with how I went about it, then please let me know! I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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    • Sorry for my late response too! Nice, I hope you're doing well!

      I'm glad you gave credit to the site, but my understanding is that it was a unique image to EvilResource and they did not give permission for it to be used on the wiki. It's fine if we pull general images from other sources, such as raw textures, gameplay screens, etc., but because the image had been edited, it's a different issue. Crediting them alone isn't enough, unfortunately. It would have been preferable to find the unedited image or to receive permission from the source. We've had a problem with different images being pulled from fan sites and added to the wiki (which we're still trying to replace), so it would be best if we can avoid adding more.

      Thanks for getting back to me and I hope that made sense. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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    • my spider is called bob

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, BioBilly.

    I see you did a better job in improving Kipepeo (Anderson) page. I recalled on once expanded a thing or two in following pages but not too sure whether it was good enough:

    Mind if you check them out? Information that I have added was from what I saw only in movies though.

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    • My advice: Consistency and In-Universe

      Headings should emulate one another, so try to use the term History over anything else. When in doubt, try looking at the format and descrpitive terms used on more populated pages to refresh.

      As for meta-explanations on creatures, it's not needed. When you write out an article for a creature resembling or sharing its title with that of another, just tag the other creature with a "See Also" or "For" templates.

      "See Also" is best suited for use with similar yet different creatures within the same universe (i.e. A-Virus Zombies, t-Virus Zombies, C-Virus Zombies), wereas "For" is useful for different continuity's having similarly titled creatures/characters (i.e. on the Las Plagas (Anderson) page, "For the game counterpart, see Plaga")

      As for only being knowledgable with the films, not a problem! Whenever I or another person here gets around to finishing the books we could always add more info then. As for your edits, only place what you factually know in them... Lots of people stretch what they think happened and tend to fall for blame later when a page is saturated in non-confirmed theories. It's better to only put what you know.

      I've updated Las Plagas (Anderson) for you to take a look at, study it and try imputting a similar format into Majini Undead. Let me know when it's finished so I can review it! :D

      (P.S. on Majini Undead, try removing overly-descriptive movie lingo. It's not important to the creature's history that there was a unique camera angle on the prison.)

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    • Got it.

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    • I have further improved Majini Undead page as you asked and it now looked much better. Oh, and I also have improved Cerberus (Anderson) page with similar format with Majini Undead page as well.

      Check them out!

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    • You're definetly getting better at the format! Just a heads up though, you might want to improve your grammar and reduce typing repetiton on pages :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • botd, if you somehow aren't aware yet article comments are for discussing making edits, not theories or how much you like something. Please stop misusing them.

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    Riley Heligo
    Riley Heligo closed this thread because:
    Removing isn't wise, closing's significantly better, so in the better future er...close a thread.
    10:30, June 15, 2019
    • ParallelTraveler wrote:
      botd, if you somehow aren't aware yet article comments are for discussing making edits, not theories or how much you like something. Please stop misusing them.

      May I ask what theories I talk of that you bring forth? I'm guessing it has to relate to my hopes that Brad Vickers will reappear in REmake2. If that's the case, please bring this forth to the numerous other users as well that have frequently used article comments to spew bizarre out of place comments or legitimate theories. And if this has to do with the comment on Jake Mueller's page on D.C. Douglas' hypothesized family reunion, I already sent forth that one to the discussion pages for people to read and comment on.

      Also, I have been respectful in reference to most of other users and admins, please do not degrade my intelligence over what I post on comments. Same with these Edit Warning posts. I'll agree, the first warning was justified, seeing as I spammed the revert edit on a certain page. But warning me on this? All you need say is ask me to go about it another way instead of using implicating remarks towards me. Please, just ask me next time instead of warning or commenting negatively towards me.

      Might I add that I've been focused on adhering more stricktly to what admins request or comment of my edits in recent time. Me and Riley Heligo and Forerunner have conversed more in the last month than I've ever done in my entirety of existence on the wiki since 2016. I try to reach out more to everyone in general as well on the wiki, as you'll find I have flooded the discussion page with ample conversation starters with fellow franchise enthusiasts. Hell, I even recovered a long lost mini-web comic from the WildStorm continuity just this past week! (Check it out on Forerunner's page).

      Basically, I'm merely asking of you to regard me in a better standing than what I'm percieving... All the other users and admins talk to me in a lesser harsh way/tone.


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  • The use of "circa" in this regard is in reference to the actual day of death, not the month of death, but okay. Flare1983 (talk) 06:34, May 22, 2018 (UTC)

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    BioBilly closed this thread because:
    Ended discussion. Kept on wall due to valuable insight on alternative opinions.
    18:12, January 28, 2019
    • Seeing as the large-scale outbreak occured during the late night of September 24th 1998, wouldn't his death have occured then? A person infected by t-Virus isn't dead (desite their appearances), so Nicolas was alive until late that night, when the large horde of zombies (the same horde that attacked J's Bar) was destroyed via explosive charges strategically placed beneath the main street.

      Going by that, Nicolas was most definetly killed on September 24th, 1998 in the explosion, had the group of survivors not killed him beforehand.

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    • Regarding the second paragraph, I see how that technically works, as Nicolas attacks Eric when the barricade collapses, he is clearly present when "Mop-Up" is enacted.

      Addressing the first paragraph, we're generally going by the dates of their human deaths, and however likely that may be that he as a person died on the 24th, it is, nevertheless, conjecture at this point. Like I said, it doesn't bother me either way, personally, as I believe in cases such as this a certain level of common sense presumption is necessary to establish likelihoods, such as safely assuming almost all of the RPD officers mentioned but not seen in the games are probably dead, even though there is insufficient evidence to prove that conclusively. Again, this isn't an issue for myself, but there might be a more strictly adherent editor further down the line who will pull you up on that. Cheers. Flare1983 (talk) 00:17, May 23, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Kinda like t-veronica virus, ı made a list about c-virus' strain types. Waiting your opinions about this lists...

    a. Prototype: Bindi was injected with this but unlike other j'avo she had her consciousness remained.
    b. Type 1: These were updated by carla; called energy boosters to edonian mercenaries and product that causes beauty to people of lanshiang. These cause javo that dont allow to remain their consciousness. Javos will be completely loyal to carla.
    c. Type 1.5: Exclusive for people that become neo-umbrella javos, this strain behaves similarly to prototype except it allows javo to mutate their body parts at will without getting those damaged first.
    d. Type 2: These types cause chrysalids that cause complete mutation. (Haos isnt caused by this.) Additionally javos can also turn into them by taking damage without injection.
    e. Enhanced: These will remove the chrysalid stage completely and user can change forms on will. Only simmons was interested in changing forms.
    f. Others: C-virus gas causes zombies and other types. Bloodshot is caused due to g-virus behaving on the damage that zombie takes. Zombies cant infect people with bite / spit / claw due to c-virus not having t-virus inside. Ustanak,iluzija,brzak,ogroman,rasklapanje are created additionally. A big chrysalid was created to allow haos hatch later.

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    • Yes, I forget where the original files were, but it was definetly in either Code: Veronica X or Darkside Chronicles, it is also confirmed on the articles related to T-Veronica.

      As for the proposal of C-Virus strains... I'd forward this conversation to one of the admins for approval, as they basically call the shots on what stays on the site :/ 

      Forerunner has basically been here since day 1 and he's pretty diehard on the original games... mabe prpose it to him? or RileyHeligo?

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    • Alright. I'll probably ask him in a discussion that ı created before.

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