aka Donovan

  • I live in Vancouver, WA, US
  • I was born on November 1
  • My occupation is Kitchen Steward
  • I am Male
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  • Me and Fore made a new template that you drop into other users message walls after you have banned them from chat. This template will inform the banned user that he/she was banned, what he/she was banned for, how long he/she was banned for, and how to get him/herself unbanned. Ive included directions below...

    1. After banning the user and adding him to the Chat Ban List go to his/her message wall.
    2. type in {{chatban|Reason|user=your username|time=amount of time the person is banned for}}. If done correctly, it should come out looking like this...
    Jill Valentine - Umbrella Chronicles "It's true that once the wheels of justice begin to turn, nothing can stop them. Nothing. "
    You have been banned from Chat by Necromancer115.
    (You will not be able to enter chat for amount of time the person is banned for)

    Reason: Reason
    Reply here when your banning period has passed in order to be let back into chat.

    Jill Valentine - remake

    Whenever you ban people in the future, try using this template, it prevents the banned user from asking around on who can unban him/her and when he/she will be unbanned. Its much easier for them and they become less of an annoyance to us. Thank you and if you need to, try out the template in this blog. -Necromancer115

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  • Aggregate review scores As of March 3, 2011. Game GameRankings Metacritic Resident Evil (PS1) 89.95%[25] (GC) 89.67%[26] (PC) 80.00%[27] (SAT) 75.33%[28] (Wii) 73.43%[29] (NDS) 71.91%[30] (PS1) 91[31] (GC) 91[32] (Wii) 76[33] (NDS) 71[34] Resident Evil 2 (PS1) 92.57%[35] (N64) 86.77%[36] (DC) 79.75%[37] (PC) 79.59%[38] (GC) 63.30%[39] (PS1) 89[40] (N64) 89[41] (DC) 77[42] (GC) 59[43] Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PS1) 88.48%[44] (DC) 81.11%[45] (PC) 74.15%[46] (GC) 63.71%[47] (DC) 79[48] (PC) 71[49] (GC) 62[50] Resident Evil Code: Veronica (DC) 93.63%[51] (PS2) 82.77%[52] (GC) 64.32%[53] (PS2) 84[54] (GC) 62[55] Resident Evil Zero (GC) 84.15%[56] (Wii) 61.60%[57] (GC) 83[58] (Wii) 62[59] Resident Evil 4 (PS2) 95.77%[60] (GC) 95.75%[61] (Wii) 91.45%[62] (PC) 74.24%[63] (PS2) 96[64] (GC) 96[65] (Wii) 91[66] (PC) 76[67] Resident Evil 5 (PS3) 87.11%[68] (PC) 86.29%[69] (X360) 86.19%[70] (PC) 86[71] (PS3) 84[72] (X360) 83[73] Resident Evil Revelations (3DS) -[74] (3DS) -[75] Resident Evil 6 (PC) -[76] (PS3) -[77] (X360) -[78] (PC) -[79] (PS3) -[80] (X360) -[81]

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    • Well it is your opinion. The thing I like about Mass Effect is how you can take a character from the previous game and use it again in the next game. RE doesn't do that at all. Plus you get companions which have great skill sets which allow you to unlock certain and make combat a lot easier for yourself. You get human and alien companions which I think is really awesome.

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  • Here's my concern. As always, the problem seems to be with that bloody-visual editor, which leads to people putting coding in the wrong place (when the source view shows exactly where to go. Like everyone else I've brought this up to, I'm suggest that you try out the other system just to compare the two.

    Special:Preferences -> "Editing tab" -> deselect top box -> scroll down and press save

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  • To all of those who use Facebook. There are many community groups for those who like the same thing. Do not get to deep into it or you will lose yourself and fall into your fantasy. Remember your reality and keep yourself sane.

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  • Congrats on your promo. I agree with your commnent on political parties, Cast.

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  • i saw your recommendations and comments and whatnot on what to wear in the event of a zombie apocalypse. i started punching in weight and size into my decisions and came up with a unique load out. firstly, i own a Deus Ex trench coat that i would wear, made of leather from the design of the original game. under that would be a basic t shirt, simple and easy to keep clean. cargo pants for carrying capacity and a good leather belt to keep them up. combat boots for obvious reasons. in a messenger bag that i own, i would carry a set of knives in the outside pocket, first aid and food in the main compartment and water in a camelbak. attached to my belt is a small hatchet and a larger blade, probably a cleaver or something, in its own sheath on my belt as well. does this sound better then my original idea?

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  • I read your question about weapons and clothes we prefer for a zombie outbreak, I recommend reading Max Brook´s Zombie Survival Guide if you are interested in this issue, I read it too and I really enjoyed it so get it if you have the chance, it´s incredibly complete and well documented, and pretty long too so it´s a good choice.

    See you around


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    • Well we were, but it can go south if we continue fighting.

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    • You two are very clever people, please dont get mad at each other, we are just using logic and thinking, defending theories, thoughts...which at the end of the day is great for our brains (Your tasty brains...hmmmmmmm XD)

      I am sure both of you have life beyond zombies, personally zombies have amazed me since I was a child but I also like reading (My big passion), cinema, sports...and I am sure you aren´t just 2 zombie freaks and there is more than the eye can meet

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