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  • I'm helping out another wiki in updating their Wikia.css; one of these involves transparency. I remembered that we have the following coding on the RE wiki:

    .WikiaPage .WikiaPageBackground {

    background: transparent url("Transparency.png") !important;


    However, I'm not sure exactly how the file was made - could I use any MS Paint-made image and make it transparent, or would I have to use special software as well?

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    • First, I would recommend using Special:ThemeDesigner, which has a transparency slider. I think the lowest it goes is 80% opacity, so if you need the page to be less opaque (more transparent), I have several transparent images on this page at my sandbox wik. Just click on a link to get the URL needed for the CSS.

      If you want to make a tranparency image yourself, I don't know if MS Paint can do it, but I'm sure GIMP can, which is free to use. The way to make the image is to create a small, blank image (10x10 pixels or so) and fill it with black (or whatever color you want). Then on the layers window, you'll see Opacity with a slider next to it. Just adjust the slider to whatever percentage you want, then save the image as a .png file.

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