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  • Him being part of Ghost Survivors literally confirms his fate, I don't understand what's so hard to grasp about it. The fact his situation is pretty much also confirming he's not gonna survive, he's a broken man who's had to put down his wife and soon his kid. It's clear he's barely holding it together as he takes Emma back, he's so grief stricken it's very doubtful he recovers from it. 


    "Change their fate"

    "Explore “what if” stories of three unfortunate souls who never made it out of Raccoon City: The gunshop owner, the mayor's daughter, the soldier." - he wouldn't be PART of Ghost Survivors if he survived Raccoon City, so there's no "let's wait until confirmation", basic surmising and the fact he's part of a what-if gamemode is more than enough that he doesn't survive. 

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    Riley Heligo
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    10:01, February 18, 2019
    • You need to provide link up with facts when you try to edit wikia. Not everyone has the knowledge to just look up and simply confirm what it is. It's how Wikia works.

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    • ...are you actually serious? The fact we have an article on Ghost Survivors which explains the whole concept of Ghost Survivors on the Wiki should be enough, the fact that I MENTIONED it in the summary as to reasoning should've been incentive enough to look at the article. 

      If you wanted specific references, instead of reverting and going "Look wait until Capcom confirm bro" you could've easily gone to my message wall and asked me to provide references, which I don't even need to see why as logically there's no reason for Kendo to not kill himself if you saw how distraught and broken he was prior to shooting Emma.

      "Not everyone has the knowledge to just look up and simply confirm what it is." - this makes no sense, you're telling me someone couldn't simply go on Capcom's social media such as their Twitter to confirm the information? What?

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    • But you don't provide a link when you changed, then you said "I'm pretty sure" which is really vague enough to say it's left ambigious. When I revert the change, you provide proof why it was necessary. Just saying so isn't enough. Besides, not everyone has the time to go to Capcom's social media and stuff-related to it and neither they need to find little bits of information to confirm why you change it. It's the same thing with WIkipedia, it's hard to find information that is actually confirmed, unless you provide evidence yourself confirming why the change is necessary. If you don't understand how Wikia works, then you might as well try and read up the

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    • Or instead of causing an unnecessary edit war you could've easily got in contact and asked for a source, or just looked at the page I referenced which is source enough. It's not hard to find such information if you either played the DLC, followed the fact both Katherine, Ghost and the cop are dead yet playable or went on Capcoms Resident Evil specific social media. You're coming off as lazy by simply reverting instead of even trying to get confirmation or better yet you could've easily asked in article comments instead of continuously reverting. Also, you don't have time to go on literally the RE Twitter or Facebook yet can edit on a wiki fairly consistently, editing certainly takes more time so I'm not buying that excuse, and also your tone's coming off that you expect me to provide a link if I contradict you instead of saying "Look, that's bold of you to say can you give confirmation" on my message wall, although it really shouldn't be necessary given the nature of GS.

      Also, I know damn well how Wikia works, I've been on it for over 10 years so you can knock that shit off and lost that attitude, if someone makes a claim when editing and want clarification get in contact instead of continuously reverting its basic common sense, also against Wiki rules if you don't know, might wanna brush up on that.

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