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  • Okay, this is just fucking ridiculous now. I've taken my time to message you TWICE about your edits and you still ignore them. I even had to chime in about your edits when another user expressed concerns and you ignored that too. Until you actually take the damn time to respond and acknowledge these concerns your account will be permanently banned from the Wiki. 

    You can't just keep doing what you're doing without conferring to administrators, especially when you're adding either unnecessary information or flat out adding wrong information. I didn't want it to come to this because of your good intentions but when you're blatantly ignoring concerns about your editing there's not much else I can do. Especially given how you haven't even acknowledged the ban message.

    This is actually ridiculous that you seem to think you can continue with what you're doing after ignoring administration concerns over your editing. Have some damn decency and respond to these concerns.

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    • After some discussion with fellow administrators, it has been decided that you'll be provided with a final chance. However to try and explain things as clearly, you shouldn't be completely revamping pages like you have in the past under the pretence of summaries such as "revising" and "updated with new information" as well as other vague wording as it becomes incredibly problematic to manage and also go through, especially with the mass amount of edits you do. We're not capable of going through every single edit users do and it's asinine to expect us to, as we have our own lives. Also, please try and be more careful with your grammar and overall presentation when editing, as I've personally pointed out as has another user you're removing paragraphing which provides necessary context as to what is being read, such as the varying fates of characters in the remakes, with the removal of these paragraphs it becomes harder to understand what is being said.

      In terms of approval, there's...not really anything, but at this current point if there's edits what you're intending to make but aren't sure it'll be adequate for the page then contact one of us.

      On a final note, if one of us messages you, you need to respond because ignoring the messages like you had in the past is nothing short of disrespectful and just flat out insulting.

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    • Okay understood. Anything tells me

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  • Okay, seriously. I'm gonna be blunt because of your failure to acknowledge not only a users and my own concerns over your edits, and the fact you're completely ignoring the message I sent to you about your ban. Can you start communicating your edits with the administration instead of just going "Revising" through summaries, a lot of these "revisions" are one of several things including unnecessary rewrites, flat out adding wrong information and making information harder to read.

    Is it really that hard to have the common decency to at least acknowledge these concerns?

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    • First I apologize if my edits on the wiki are bothering me. I thought they were correct in some cases like Jill's gameplay. So how do I edit with your consent, since apparently I'm not regulated or I'm not following a standard. So I ask you to check the pages that I edited and see if I am approved in the creed of you administrators for editions. Until then I'll just add images and gameplay information, can you?

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  • I didn't want to do this because of your good intentions, but the fact you appear to have ignored concerns from myself as an administrator is concerning and rather insulting. But as a result a temporary time out at this point feels the only necessary action. Hopefully when it ends you'll actually address concerns instead of ignoring them.

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    • A follow up to this after going through some of your edits, you've completely revamped information to information what is flat out wrong such as Sherry being cured of the G-Virus, she was never cured and you've removed the mention of Indian heritage for Carlos on his notes page, when your ban ends stop removing/revamping information like that.

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  • I'm not a major editor so really I've no business telling you, but really...some of your "revisions" in terms of edits are honestly not improving the page. You're removing paragraphing which makes it easier to follow a narrative context in Tyrell's death section, there is logically no reason why his first two deaths should be in the same paragraph as it's awkward to read and also provides little narrative context. 

    I'm also going to assume English isn't your first language as you're making "grammar" improvements when you're really not. 

    "Valentine tried desperately to save him but Patrick screamed for she to flee. " - this makes grammatically no sense in the usage of "she" in that sentence whereas the prior edit before your change made significantly more sense in an English reading standpoint.

    Please, just stop making "revisions" for the sake of them, the sections on Mikhail and Tyrell's death sections are fine as they are.

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    • Okay, so this seems to have been ignored so I'm chiming in.

      I personally feel that you need to communicate better what your actual revisions are, because while you clearly have good intentions in regards to your edits it seems you're revamping unnecessarily without providing context or even discussing with the administrators about them. This becomes problematic as I nor the other admins have the time to manually review every single edit on the Wiki.

      Swalko has quite correctly pointed out you're removing paragraphing (and still are as I've noticed in Murphy's death section) which makes it incredibly hard to read the text when working out the different context.

      You're also adding information what just bloats out the page "Zinoviev appeared and killed him with a shot to the head, although Seeker asked him not to shoot." the previous revision I'd made was shorter and to the point whereas your contribution to the sentence just makes it worded out further which is unnecessary. 

      You're also making unnecessary and basic grammar errors such as the one Swalko pointed out.

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  • You deleted the entire image gallery on your last edit. I suggest you fix that or we'll have to revert your edits. Flare1983 (talk) 22:50, June 8, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Took a look at the J-script of that scene. He makes no such comment. Seems it's just the localisation team picturing some foreign words for him to use.

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  • Dario actually also makes an appearance in Resident Evil Outbreak's Hellfire Scenario in the form of an Apple Inn Guest List. Though his name is mistranslated in the localization as "Dario Losso"

    If you plan on going back to editing the article,  you might wanna put that in.

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  • the woman ride the bike down the road calling out their before know them this srew a young boy who thow other people things out call that rusib I have sort it out

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  • The appearances list should be in one single table, not in separate sections by general medium

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