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  • I altered your user page to replace some external links to the site with internal ones. Hope you don't mind.

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  • It's in the general section.

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    Forerunner closed this thread because:
    20:49, July 26, 2018
  • We are giving you a warning for poor etiquette on discussion threads. While we encourage participation and try to answer questions, what you’ve been doing isn’t acceptable. Specifically ignoring responses then asking someone else the same questions, argumentum ad nauseam, asking people to disprove your claims instead of proving them yourself, and arguing for the sake of arguing among other nuisance behaviors.

    Please stop this or you will be blocked.

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    Riley Heligo
    Riley Heligo closed this thread because:
    09:57, August 5, 2018
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    • Ah, sorry for insistent asking then. I should slow it down or something ı guess. As for plot holes; ı just got too curious, that's it. News bot's " There is 0 plot hole in this franchise. It's only translation errors " sentence also had a high effect of course. Still curious about them though...

      Edit: English isnt first language but ı know it pretty well. Anyway at first ı was confused about the meaning of etiquette word. I checked the meaning of it and ı guess you guys were pissed about me bombing questions nonstop. Ok fine ı'll lower the combo streak then.

      Wasnt trying to be toxic, ı never used immature words such as " retard, dumbass, stupid etc. " btw.

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    • Let's go check on the Multiverse page.

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