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  • Hi, how are you?

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  • I want to talk on villains fanon wiki, it's okay?

    If you agree, send me an message there.

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  • The Tyrant as far as we can tell was never in RE 1.5; its concept art is from after the March/April 1997 decision to scrap the game and start again.

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  • May I ask where this photo is from? 
    20170316 213607

    Jill arguing with Cheif Irons along with Chris,Barry and Brad

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  • GIFs aren't used on the wiki because shoddy quality. And also I'd much rather you contact myself or whoever reverts your edit instead of you just reverting and asking on the summary because it's possible for the original reverter to not see it while a message provides a notification, plus it just comes off as unorganized.

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    • We're generally all against .gifs due to quality issues, as Riley stated. There might be leeway if it was a player animation like a Mercenaries fight move, which could go on their /gameplay pages; or a Gesture for Revelations 2 which would go here . Plus enemy attack animations on their own /gameplay sections to help users know just what we're describing. 

      Not much else, though - you can add them to your personal userpage though.

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    • Ok, thanks for the clarification.

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  • hey,can i ask where you got those colored scans of the manga?

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  • You recently made an edit on Rebecca's wiki and mentioned that her height is 172cm in Vendetta. However you didn't provide an actual source as to where you got this info from. Searchint the official Vendetta homepage I could find no such info. Could you provide a link so that I could confirm this info form myself?

    (note of interest. When first shown Renecca looks really weird and rayther old, buit after she is dressed up in those bride clothes she seems to have become young again. So maybe she became young again due to the virus?)

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    • Ah I forgot i didn't necessarily get a source but on one of the posters and ads, i saw everybody's personal info like Chris,Leon,and Rebecca,every character was accurate but Rebecca's height was different from previous being 5'8" surprisingly. I suggest she grew over time because she was only 18.

      And your side note for her looking younger i totally agree with you she definitely looks so young and not just her chris looks different too. Then again around this time Rebecca would be 36, so i don't know Rebecca always had that young girl look ya know.

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    • By young I mean, look at her scene where she breaks up the argument between Leon and Chri9s. In this scene she clearly looks older, but in the scene where she wears the white dress she looks MUCH younger than in that other scene. That is why I suggested that her age had been regressed by a virus.

      But that's no good. If you don't have the add itself we can't even use it as a reference since there is no way to check it. Another issue is that it is as you mentioned; and add. Was it created by Capcom or just something thrown togheter? Is it their official stance?

      Until we get some official clarification on it, I would suggest that we move the info to trivia with a note saying that we need somebody to find a source for it.

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