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  • Rick, I've warned you before and I'm gonna do it one more time. If you disagree with an edit, provide a reason in the summary. Just reverting without any form of valid reasoning is nothing short of disrespectful and there was nothing wrong with the edit, knock that shit off.

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    • I was merely following the set up of occupations that's on the other pages, unless y'all are thinking about changing it. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can refer to the other pages).

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  • Okay, so you still seem to have that habit of just reverting for no valid reason. So consider this a formal warning, knock that shit off, the image replaced on Jill's page is significantly better than a bloated image with a boatload of text. If you're going to revert at least provide a reason, c'mon. And for future note, removing something and asking via summary or reverting one's edit only to explain via summary like you did on "The Connections" page is just counter intuitive, we have article comments and message walls for a reason.

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    • it was RPG Maker Wiki

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    • The hell I was, this guy been lying through his damn teeth for probably months now about I "vandalized" his pages.

      For the record, Taleblender: I didn't join these wikis to become popular, so KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF NOW!!!!!

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  • Hello Rick,

    I see you have reverted my edits recently in reorganizing Leon and Claire's profile images... I'll have you know this was done based on the wiki's respected format, as character profile photo's are always arranged based upon their inclusion in their respected game universe's timeline, not their real world significance.

    An example of such formatting is Chris Redfield's apperance in the Resident Evil remake (2002) being placed before his apperance in Resident Evil 2 (1998) but after his apperance in the original Resident Evil (1996). If there are numerous iterations of a character across different games in the same canonical timeframe, only then will we organize them according to real world release dates (as I have done with Leon's apperances in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and REmake 2).

    Leon and Claire's new apperances technically date back to 1998's Raccoon City Incident.

    I will reformat the photo's as such and hope for your cooperation in the future with the format our wiki pertains to.

    Have a great day.


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    • Okay... I had already edited a few pages before recieving this message... they weren't out of spite, but I have mentioned it to the other admins and will post it as a discussion page soon so anyone may express their thoughts and hopefully widen everyone's judgement on this base on that...

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    • there is now a fully detailed explaination on what I propose we do with Image Formatting on the Disscusions page

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  • Can anyone confirm that Chris Redfield is really in Resident Evil 7 or did someone already did?

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  • I thought the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium came out of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies and I didn't expect it to be a transtation error

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