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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on August 5
  • My occupation is Collector
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  • Well, figured I better stop being and actually register an account. I recently did the massive Live Selection page overhaul, in addition to adding missing Japanese text to pages like the BH6 skills, and fixing bad translations for things like the BIO HAZARD Symphony soundtrack title track.

    Not sure how often I'll contribute, but I am a collector (I run the site Viperhazard), massive fan, general player, and speedrunner of the games, so I know a number of things or have access to a lot transcripts, info, books, cds, promo dvds... the works. It'll be nice to help contribute to the wiki properly where I can. 

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    • Hey. Well, I'm glad you have an account now since that means we know we're talking to the same guy each time and not some high school. I just wanted to bring up that that mistranslation was taken from VGMdb, and you might want to bring this up with them, too

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    • Haha, yeah I figured that if I was going to start doing more editing work and contributions that I should register since it'd make things a lot easier overall for everyone! 

      I plan to contact them. Their current translation is not far off, but I recall they used to have the same Misa To The End Of Time thing going on for a while too. 

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    • Awesome update on the Live Selection there. Thanks for joining and helping out.

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