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"Ethan... You were right. I did lie to you. I shouldn't have, but- All I can say is that if you get this... Stay away."
— Mia Winters desperately records a message for Ethan before her disappearance.

Mia Winters (ミア・ウィンターズ Mia Wintāzu?) is a former operative for The Connections who worked covertly in the birth of Eveline, acting as her "caretaker" for her while covering up her career as a worker at a "trading company" to her husband, Ethan. After being presumed dead in 2014, she was recovered by the Baker family, and resided under lock and key at their property until being re-discovered in mid-2017.

After Eveline's death, Mia and Ethan started a family again and Mia gave birth to their daughter, Rosemary Winters. However, Mia was captured and used in experimentation by Mother Miranda and her cult in an attempt to use Rose as a vessel to revive Miranda's late daughter, Eva.


Early life

Mia was a resident of Texas in the 2000s when she began dating Ethan Winters. In 2010, she began working as a researcher for The Connections, a crime syndicate specializing in production of bio-weaponry. This was kept secret from Ethan, who she would marry on May 29, 2011.[3] Whether they moved to California at this point or if Ethan did on his own is presently uncertain.

The Capsize of SS Annabelle

"Hey baby! I just wanted to send you a quick "hello" and "I love you." Oh! Good news! I'm going to be coming home soon! Yay! I cannot wait to come home from this babysitting job---And come home to my loving husband. I miss you. I gotta get back to work. I love you, Ethan. I miss you so much. I'm sending tons of kisses. Bye baby!"
— Mia's video message to Ethan, prior to Eveline overtaking the ship.

A few years after her marriage to Ethan, Mia took on the job of a handler for the first successful E-Type bioweapon known simply as Eveline. Alongside her colleague Alan Droney, she was tasked with transporting Eveline on the cargo ship Annabelle to a facility in Central America. During the voyage, Mia sent a heart-warming video message to her husband Ethan saying that she misses him and that she cannot wait to be finished with her "babysitting" job.[4]

Mia's video to Ethan before Eveline attacked the ship

When the ship's course fell in the path of a hurricane, Eveline started to become unstable, attacking Alan and infecting the crew members who would then be turned into Molded. Arming herself with a submachine gun, Mia was to track down and pursue her throughout the ship, realizing that Eveline had bonded with her and thought of her as her mother. After briefly reuniting with Alan, Mia witnessed his horrific death via Eveline's mold before she herself was infected by it. Realizing her impending doom, Mia desperately tried to send Ethan a second video message, urging him to forget their relationship and wishing him a good life. She is soon after thrown from the ship into the waters as the tanker continues to be destroyed.[5]

When the tanker washed up in the bayou of Dulvey, Louisiana, Jack Baker discovered Mia amongst the wreckage and brought her back to the Baker estate, housing her in his daughter Zoe's trailer. During this time, Mia wrote a letter thanking the Baker family for their kindness as well as warning them not to approach Eveline along with the consequences of doing so. Before she could finish the letter, she fell unconscious and, unbeknownst to her, Jack had already found Eveline and brought her into the mansion, leading to their infection and subsequent madness.[6]

The Baker Incident

"Ethan? Ethan! You shouldn't be here."
— Mia awakens to find Ethan has come to save her.

Mia, under the influence of Eveline, sent a brief and cryptic email to her husband Ethan, only telling him to find her at the Baker farm in Dulvey, Louisiana. When he arrived, he found Mia unconscious and locked in a cell below the Baker guest house - upon waking, she was shocked to see Ethan and doubted her involvement in his arrival. In a panic, Mia guided Ethan through the basement - however, the couple reached a dead end, much to Mia's distress. While Mia rested on a nearby couch, Ethan tried to look for another way out, leading her to be captured by an unknown assailant who bashed through a hidden door in the wall.

Mia alerting Ethan that Daddy's coming ("Daddy" referring to Jack Baker)

After Ethan followed through the door and investigated the ground floor area, he was attracted back to the basement by a persistent knocking, only to be greeted by a monstrous version of Mia climbing up the stairs. She grabs and throws Ethan with tremendous strength back up the stairs and against the wall, attacking him with a knife. After a brief struggle between the two, Ethan disarmed Mia and she briefly returned to her normal self, alluding to him that Eveline would not get out of her head as she bashed it repeatedly against the wall before knocking herself unconscious. However, she quickly rose back up and grabbed Ethan, throwing him through a wall and grabbing a sharp piece of wood to fight once again. Ethan was able to defend himself with an axe, and after a short duel he struck the weapon into her neck causing her to lapse back to her normal self and collapse in her apparent death.


While Ethan was distracted by a mysterious phone call, she managed to rise once again and flee further into the house, wandering around ominously and eventually jumping Ethan after he had returned power to the attic stairs. First appearing normal and apologetic to Ethan's previous attack, she quickly turned and pinned him to the wall by stabbing a screwdriver through his left hand. As Ethan desperately struggled to get the screwdriver out, Mia obtained a chainsaw with the intention to butcher Ethan, but at the last moment Ethan freed himself and raised his left arm in defense as Mia sawed it off. As Mia continued to fight for control over her body, she wandered upstairs with Ethan in pursuit. The pair went head to head in a fight in the attic but Ethan prevailed and Mia fell to the floor, muttering "I love you" to him. Once Jack apprehended Ethan, the couple were both taken into the main Baker estate.

At some point between their capture and Ethan's escape, Mia recorded a videotape for him to watch. In it, she tried to explain that the monster is not her true self while she ran away from Marguerite, entering the Old House while coming across several key items and a puzzle that Ethan would later need to solve. However, she is soon cornered in a small crawlspace by Marguerite and recaptured.

Once Ethan entered the Old House and obtained the Stone Statuette he required to solve the house's shadow puzzle, Mia briefly reunited with him on the other side of a chain link fence. As Ethan demanded answers from her, she was grabbed and dragged off by Lucas Baker. She would later be found hand-tied to the wall of the Boathouse alongside Zoe Baker as Ethan made his way through Lucas' death trap. Ethan eventually reached them and freed them both, giving Zoe the necessary ingredients required to craft two serums that could cure both herself and Mia. However, a heavily mutated Jack separated Ethan from the girls, and eventually left Ethan no choice but to use one of the serums on Jack in order to defeat him, forcing Ethan to use the other serum on Mia. They both pleaded with Zoe to join them in their escape, but she angrily refuses and orders them to leave, believing herself doomed.

The couple rode into the swamp on a boat, but as they came across the old wreckage of the tanker, the Mold grew over and flipped the boat, causing both to be submerged underwater. Mia soon regains consciousness outside the wreckage and desperately hunts for Ethan, who is quickly captured by Eveline and taken deeper into the wreckage. As Mia made her way through the ship, she regained her memories of Eveline and her origin through a videotape which relived the fall of the tanker, giving her more determination to free Ethan.

Mia helping Ethan out of the mold.

Mia discovered where Ethan was being held through a security camera system on the bridge and made her way down to him, freeing him. Despite Ethan's confusion, Mia quickly handed him Eveline's tissue samples in the hopes that he might be able to craft the necrotoxin necessary to kill Eveline and shut him off in a nearby corridor, urging him to leave as quickly as possible before Eveline regained control of her and separated the couple using the Mold.

After Ethan left to take down Eveline, Mia was rescued by BSAA operators. Shortly after Ethan successfully killed Eveline, they were reunited while being evacuated from the area via helicopter.


After this, she would cooperate with the BSAA and provide any information that they wanted to know in exchange for not letting Ethan learn of her past with the crime syndicate. She clarifies that she wants to over and move on from her past. Mia, along with Ethan, fall under witness protection. The couple would then start to reside in Europe. Mia then sends Zoe a letter detailing her current life and location, although she can't share where she is specifically in Europe. She expresses her desire for Zoe to visit them and meet their infant daughter.

Life after The Bakers Incident

3 years and 2 months after the Baker Incident, Mia and Ethan stay happily married. During this time Mia would give birth to a baby girl whom they named Rosemary Winters. For six months, they were a happy family, though during this time Mia would keep a secret from her husband which she would feel guilty about, as she doesn't want to ruin her family or lose Ethan.

Abduction and Rescue

"Wait! You can't leave me here! You promised, dammit! You said that you would keep us safe! We did everything you asked! We moved over here, everything! And I didn't care, so long as we were together. So you tell me, where is my husband? Where is my daughter!?""
— Mia angrily confronts Chris

On February 2, 2021, they celebrated Rose's half birthday and on the 6th, when Ethan accidentally brings up the Dulvey incident, they had a fight partially because of years her carrying on the secret. Shortly after this, Mia was kidnapped and subjected to multiple experiments by her former colleague Miranda, who wished to use Rose as a vessel for her deceased child Eva. Miranda locked Mia up in her lab and impersonated her, taking her place in an attempt to abduct Rose from Ethan.

Mia confronting Chris

On February 10, 2021, she was rescued by Chris who was on his mission to rescue Rose and destroy Miranda and the Black God. Chris initially feared that Miranda was impersonating Mia, but Umber Eyes reassured him that Miranda was still at the ceremony site. Chris then headed to the ceremony site, leaving Mia in the lab for her safety. She then told him that he can't leave her here and that he promised he would keep them safe, even going so far as to moving to Eastern Europe, as long as they were together. Mia angrily demanded that he tell her where her husband and daughter are, causing him to solemnly respond that Ethan is gone, having been killed by Miranda, but he stated he can still save her daughter, Rose. Mia denied that Ethan is gone, proceeding to tell him the secret that she had been keeping for years, that Ethan was in fact killed by Jack Baker after his fight with Mia up at the attic and that the only thing that is keeping him alive is the Mold.

Mia realizing Ethan's sacrifice

Afterwards, Chris returned to her with Rose cradled in his arms. She is found to be relieved to see her daughter alive and well. When Chris ordered them to pull up, she realized that Ethan is nowhere to be seen. He tells her to strap and sit down but she demands that he tell her what happened to Ethan, only for the N2 explosion (caused by Ethan in an effort to destroy the Black God) to go off, sending shockwaves destabilizing the trajectory of the helicopter. Mia horrifyingly realizes that her husband had sacrificed himself so that they could escape. Chris angrily and tearfully tells her that he had tried to save him but failed, and subsequently apologizes for failing her. Mia then sobs and hugs her daughter for comfort after learning of her husband's heroic sacrifice.

Years later, she would raise Rose to be a strong adult woman and Chris would be her mentor in controlling her newfound abilities.


The Tragedy of Ethan Winters Concept Art (67).png

Mia Winters went through considerable development over the course of the franchise. To give the art team greater freedom, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was developed with the intention of writing a story after to tie the ideas together. What ultimately became Mia was a member of the Baker family, which itself went through various changes. While the family cast was cut down over time, the decision was made that one of the daughters instead be an unrelated woman held captive by the Bakers, and be the wife of Ethan, who was until then merely a private investigator searching for a missing person.

During development for Resident Evil Village, it was considered at one point that Mia be confined to a wheelchair due to her experiences at the Baker ranch. This idea was later dropped, and it was instead toned down to her taking regular medication.



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