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"Enjoy the ride."
— Michael to Commander Chu, using him as bait for the Undead.

Michael, known by his nickname Razor, is a character in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. He is portrayed by Fraser James.


Razor appears to be one of the few remaining uninfected humans in the tenth year after the global T-virus pandemic, which began in 2002. He is part of Doc's team as Doc's second in command, and looks to keep him alive.[1] The group is stationed at a large building at the ruins of Raccoon City.

Meeting Alice

After Alice meets the group, Razor spots the convoy of Dr. Alexander Isaacs heading towards their direction. When Christian aims his gun at Alice, Doc and Razor point their guns at Christian and defuse the situation. Razor assists in fortifying the base for the upcoming battle.

When Isaacs attacks the base, Alice instructs Razor to throw boulders at the Undead invading the base. He eventually survives the battle as they defeat Isaacs' convoy and drive away the Undead with Commander Chu restrained to the back of a tank as bait.

Heading to the Hive

Razor voluntarily joins Alice's group that would venture into the Hive. When the Cerberus attacks the group, he is among the survivors who escape the dogs, however he loses his guns when they jump into the lake, leaving him almost defenseless when he enters the Hive with the group.


When Albert Wesker initiates several traps at the group, Razor is thrown into an abandoned laboratory with Alice. After being surprised by an Undead hanging from a hook and torn in half, Razor is suddenly killed by a large bio-weapon as his head is grabbed and torn from his body. After Alice kills the bio-weapon, Doc comes upon her and asks if Razor made it out, in which Alice responds that he didn't make it.

In the novelization of the film, Michael was not decapitated by the bio-weapon. Instead, most of his flesh is ripped clean from his head, causing him to scream out as he grasped at his skull, before dying from shock and blood loss.


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