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"We must channel our knowledge to the future, for it shall always show us our greatest destiny."

Michael Warren (マイケル・ウォーレン Maikeru Wōren?) was the last mayor of Raccoon City.


In 1960, Warren was an engineer in charge of the electrification of the small mountain town of Raccoon City.[1][2] He was elected its mayor in 1987 and stayed in power until the city's destruction in 1998 from an experimental thermobaric weapon.[1] In 1992, a statue of Warren was erected at City Hall.[1]

Mayor's statue

A statue of Warren was built outside Raccoon City Hall.

During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, Warren sent his daughter to the Raccoon Police Station for safety, not knowing she would be hunted down and murdered by the Chief of Police, Brian Irons.[3] Later on in the outbreak, Warren escaped the city before its destruction,[1] though how he did so has never been specified.

Further notesEdit

In S.D. Perry's novelization of Resident Evil 2, City of the Dead, Warren is instead the former mayor of Raccoon City, having lost an election shortly before the outbreak. Consequently, the woman entrusted to Chief Irons is the daughter of Mayor Harris.


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