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Michelle Allen was a student at the Raccoon City College in 1998. She refused to be intimidated by the threat of crime, and chose to focus more attention on minor annoyances such as the college not using her $15,000 tuition fees on outside lighting.[1]


Michelle grew up in the State of New York as a "big city" kid, and was extremely desensitized to criminal violence. When her classmate Julie was killed on the campus grounds, Michelle didn't see any reason to get worked up about it despite the paranoid fears of Raquel and Mike, and rubbed off George's claims of the girl being torn to pieces as an exaggeration.

Michelle Allen 2

Michelle, attacked by the werewolf.

This came back to haunt her later that night. Wilfully ignoring the police curfew -to make a point about safety- she continued her studying at the college library past midnight and began walking home to her dorm in the dark. A werewolf jumped out at her through some bushes, momentarily scaring her, though she snapped back at the creature for doing so. She only realized it wasn't a student playing a trick a moment before it slashed at her chest. Weakened from her wound and forced to the ground, she was attacked again by the creature, which proceeded to sever her left arm while mutilating her body.

The next day, the Raccoon Police Department assigned the newly formed local S.T.A.R.S. team to investigate.


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