Mickey was the owner of the "A Day in Raccoon", a motel located outside Raccoon City. He had a very hostile personality, even towards his motel guests.


A group of survivors took refuge at his motel during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. During their time there, Mickey was attacked by a t-Virus-infected creature and his belly torn open. The attacker(s) did not kill him, and he transformed into a zombie.


Mickey's character skin can only be accessed through cheat devices such as GameSharks. He's a Jim-type character and starts with a Hemostat in his inventory.

Mickey has the following Stats:

  • Movement speed similar to that of Jim
  • Average vitality (between 2000 and 2500)
  • Weak attack power similar to that of Yoko Suzuki
  • High infection rate of 1.43% per minute

Further notes


Mickey, David and Kevin.

  • Screenshots of Resident Evil Outbreak show him being a support character, talking to David King and Kevin Ryman.
  • It is left unspecified as to what attacked Mickey, but there are two likely suspects which would all depend upon where his body/zombie was supposed to be found. Early screenshots of the motel feature zombies in some of the rooms. If he were killed inside the motel, this would be his most likely assailant. If he was to be killed outside, it may have been a zombie dog as one of the early trailers features some wandering around outside the motel.
  • The cut scenario that would've featured A Day In Raccoon was to involve the survivors collecting old videotapes around the premises in order to progress. It's unknown as to what had been on those tapes, but considering they'd been hidden around the motel, they likely all belonged to Mickey.[1]



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