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For other people with the same first name, see Miguel.

General Miguel Grandé was the President of the Republic of Bajirib in 2005.


At the beginning of the War on Terror, the United States labeled Bajirib on its list of state sponsors of terrorism as a result of Grandé's militaristic ambitions. Later, he was sought out by WP Corporation researcher and black market dealer Dr. Frederic Downing, who he believed would be interested in raw t-Virus samples along with the vaccine the WP Corporation was to provide to the world. Grandé accepted the offer, believing a policy of brinkmanship could get his country better international deals. The middleman was sent into the United States in November 2005 and immediately arrested, leading to Downing's own arrest and the collapse of the WP Corporation. Grandé accepted his failure and disavowed biological weaponry altogether, having Bajirib represented at an international disarmament conference in central Asia.

Further notes[]

  • Grandé's design was originally modelled more closely on an historic dictator.[1]
  • Grandé's voice actor and mocap were instructed to treat the character like he is spouting "gibberish", as a reflection of his pro-B.O.W. views.[1]