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Mike (died 2004) was an American helicopter pilot. It is uncertain if he was a government agent or a pilot attached to USSTRATCOM. In 2004 he took part in a failed rescue attempt of Ashley Graham, the First Daughter, following her abduction by Los Iluminados.


"Name's Mike, if you're looking for firepower you've come to the right place."
— Mike, introducing himself to Leon.[1]

Though Ms. Graham's abduction in 2004 spawned a major investigation utilizing CIA and DoD resources, the revelation the abduction was aided by a possible mole consequently meant that a major rescue operation could not be immediately mustered. When USSTRATCOM agent Leon S. Kennedy confirmed that he had found Ms. Graham, the pilot assigned to rescue the pair was shot down due to the mole providing the Iluminados with their radio frequency. Mike, as backup pilot, was sent out in response to the downing and arrived the following morning in a modified Bell UH-1.

Tracking Kennedy to the guerrillas' island base, Mike used the helicopter's guns to wipe out a large force of loyalist guerrillas.[2] Kennedy complimented Mike's piloting and offered to buy him a round of drinks, Mike replied that he "knew a good bar". Unfortunately, Mike's contribution to the fighting would be brief, as he was shot down by a rocket launcher on the orders of the group's leader, Osmund Saddler.[1] Because the Iluminados were jamming all radio communications to prevent contact between Leon and United States officials, extraction by a further helicopter was rendered impossible.

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"Sorry, bad traffic! One combat chopper, compliments of Hunnigan."
— Mike, introducing himself to Leon. [3]

When USSTRATCOM agent Leon S. Kennedy sent out to the village of Valdelobos to search for the missing Ashley Graham after intel suggests her location is within the valley, Kennedy confirms that he had found the target held up in the church and requests Ingrid Hunnigan for evacuation. Hunnigan complies and directs the pair to the extraction point. As they make their way to the rendezvois point, heavy rainfall begins to pour which delays the helicopter's arrival to the destination and Hunnigan relates them to this fact.

Sometime later, Hunnigan directs the combat chopper which is flown in by Mike to assist Kennedy with his rescue operation in an island near Valdelobos. As Kennedy is pinned down by heavy gunfire from Ganados, Mike flows in and introduces himself to the agent before requesting him to lure enemies into open area. Kennedy quickly advances through the area to get to Graham who has been taken away by Los Iluminados with Mike taking down half of the forces. The pair come across an anti-aircraft gun and Mike moves away from the conflict and requests Kennedy to take it out. After Kennedy successfully destroy AA gun, he heads to the extraction point where Mike attempts to board Kennedy only for the helicopter to be swarmed and attacked by Novistadors controlled by Osmund Saddler, Kennedy horrifiyingly watches as the vessel is burned and crashed, killing Mike.


In the 2005 game, Mike will fly above the player throughout the outdoor segment in Chapter 4-5 and will assist Leon by firing at Ganados and destroying important Ganado structures. In Professional difficulty, Mike will help far less and take more time between destroying structures. Mike actually will get angry at Leon if the player fires at him.

Mike will say "What are you crazy?". If the player is too close to a structure Mike is trying to destroy, Mike will say "Hey, get out of the way!" repeatedly to warn the player he's firing. However, eventually he'll fire anyway and the explosion can damage Leon if he's too close.


Further notes[]

Although not visible in the cutscene, third-party modding tools have revealed that Mike has his own model inside the helicopter cockpit.[4]


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