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Mike D. Seaman was an operative under the employment of an organization interested in B.O.W. development.


Seaman became the producer of the TV show Idol Survival, which was to pit international models of various forms against one another in survival challenges, before its fourth season. Seaman planned for the fourth season to take place on Sonido de Tortuga Island, which would allow himself and his fellow agent Zǐlì, posing as a new actress and contestant, to collect B.O.W.s on the island. Mike's secondary plan was to sacrifice the cast and crew to any B.O.W. he could find; due to the popularity of the show people worldwide would witness the death being broadcast, allowing him an opportunity to advertise the use of B.O.W.s. [1][2] Seaman and Zǐlì succeeded in locating one of the island's facilities, a research station built within a shrine which housed a creature. Seaman tried to wake and release the creature to begin the slaughter, but was killed by it when the manipulator of the B.O.W., a "local shaman", had the creature focus its attention on him.[2]

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Furthur notes

According to Zǐlì, she was a double agent pretending to be Mike's subordinate.[3] Claire also stated that more than one organization was involved in taking the results of the Kodoku Project.[4] Therefore, it is highly possible that Mike's hirer was an unknown organization instead of Shén Yà Pharmaceutical.