Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Mike D. Seaman was an operative under the employment of Shén-Yā Pharmaceutical, a medicinal company with an interest in bio-weapons development.


In the years following the death of Alex Wesker, Shén-Yā began claiming her facilities for itself. Among them was an old Umbrella facility on Sonido de Tortuga, which held the Jǐn Dú Project research Dr. Dirk Miller was working on for Alex at the time of her death.

In 2014, Seaman became the producer and chief financier of the TV show Idol Survival, which was to pit international models of various forms against one another in survival challenges. On its fourth season, Seaman planned for the trials to take place on Sonido de Tortuga, which would allow himself and fellow agent Zǐlì, posing as a new actress and contestant, to search for the facility. A secondary plan was to sacrifice the cast and crew to any bio-weapons on the island; due to the popularity of the show people worldwide would witness the death being broadcast, allowing him an opportunity to advertise the bioweapons the facility had to offer.[1][2] Seaman and Zǐlì succeeded in locating one of the island's facilities, a research station built within an ancient temple which housed a bio-weapon. Seaman tried to release the creature to accelerate the violence taking place on the show, but was killed by the creature when Dr. Miller himself, in the guise of a local shaman, had the creature focus its attention on him.[2]

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