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Mikey was a survivor of the Global T-Virus pandemic, and a member of the convoy led by Claire Redfield.


Resident Evil: Extinction

His roles were to oversee communication, radio for survivors, and help activate the perimeter. He was also the driver of an old news van, which he had outfitted with a large number of computer and communication systems.

Mikey briefly participated during the raid of the infected crows, shooting down some of them, hoping to help other survivors to escape from them.

He also participated during the fight with the Super Undead in the ruins of Las Vegas, trying as best as he could to shoot down as many of them as possible. At one point, a female Super Undead jumped on him and brought him crashing to the ground.

He struggled to keep her away, allowing Claire enough time to distract and kill the monster with a shot to the head. Momentarily safe, a terrified Mikey tried to take refugee underneath the rear of one of the vans, but he was grabbed and swamped by more Super Undead.

Easily overpowered, he was killed by the Super Undead who began to feed on him. Despite Claire's desperate attempt to save him again, the damage done to Mikey was too great. He was dead by the time she managed to kill all the Super Undead feasting on him.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Mikey was one of the three names mentioned by Alice, who attempted to re-jog an amnesiac Claire's memory; the other names mentioned included Carlos and L.J.,[2] but to no avail.