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"The city is completely cut off. Isolated. We need help. My men cannot do this alone."
— Mikhail explains the situation of Raccoon City to Jill and asks her to help.

Captain Mikhail Viktor (ミハイル・ヴィクトール Mihairu Vikutōru?, Russian: Михаил Виктор) was a mercenary contracted by the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.), where he served as leader of the Delta Platoon. He was warm hearted, recognized for his impressive leadership abilities and skilled in the planning and execution of operations.[1][3][4]


Early life and Umbrella's recruitment[]

Originally from Leningrad, in the Russian SFSR, Viktor served his compulsory national service in the Soviet Army. He continued after the mandatory two years was up. While it is possible he attained the rank of Kapitán, this is uncertain. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Army was largely demobilised, and Viktor and many others were rendered unemployed in a country reeling from economic ruin. Soon the new Russian Federation experienced tense conflict as ethnic minorities fought for their independence. Viktor became involved due to his wife, who was from one such ethnic group, and offered his support and experience to the rebel cause. During the conflict Viktor was directly responsible for a number of attacks, which included massacres of civilians.[5][excerpt 1] In the mid-1990s, after the capture and death sentence his group by the Russian government, Viktor was approached by the Umbrella Corporation who offered him an amnesty deal. He then agreed to join the company's U.B.C.S. in exchange for his freedom and the guaranteed safety of his men.[1][5][6][excerpt 2]

Raccoon City Destruction Incident[]

This section is based on a game with branching story paths, or several games with conflicting accounts. For more detail on differing portrayals, see this page.


UBCS deployed

U.B.C.S.' squad arrives in Raccoon City.

In 1998, Viktor was serving the U.B.C.S. with the rank of Captain, and was in command of Delta Platoon.[6] On 15 September, the platoon was given new orders to enter Raccoon City, and had over a week to prepare.[7] Delta Platoon arrived in the city center on the night of Saturday 26 September, by which point the t-Virus outbreak had escalated out of control. The orders given by Col. Sergei Vladimir called for the U.B.C.S. to evacuate uninfected civilians, which Viktor intended to fulfil.[8][9] Despite his rank, he was left unaware Vladimir's secret police, the Monitors, had additional orders to record their combat with the mutants.[10]

Soon after landing, it became clear that the four platoons were not enough to handle the city's mutant population, which had vastly superior numbers. Due to this, the overwhelming majority of platoons were practically wiped out in less than two days.[11]

Evacuation Plan[]

"My people... they were wiped out by these monsters. I can't stop just because I mean it."
— Mikhail to Jill about the loss of his platoon.
Mikhail RE3 Remake

Viktor injured during the course of the U.B.C.S.' Evacuation plan.

By Monday 28 September, the force was disorganised, with Bravo and Echo Squads cut off from the rest of the platoon. Viktor himself was seriously wounded in the fight with the Zombies after he and a number of other soldiers were trapped by Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev, and the remnants set up their base in either a tram broken or subway car inoperative depending on sources.[9][12][13] One account also indicates that, in this time, Viktor's squad managed to rescue some of the Raccoon's citizens and kept them safe while trying to figure out how to fix the rail vehicle.[14] By nightfall, the group ended up was down to Viktor, Zinoviev and Cpl. Carlos Oliveira, with other sources including Alpha Platoon's Murphy Seeker and Bravo Platoon's Tyrell Patrick.[citation needed]

The same night the platoon joined forces with the former S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine, who offered help for their mutual escape.[9][12] While Viktor could not directly take part in the plan to get the car operational due his injuries, he was able to defend himself, having even managed shot down off a group of Zombies that had found their hiding place.[15] However, accounts suggest that this action occurred because Viktor was traumatized and deeply affected by the loss of his men, suffering lapses in memory and guilt that were making him potentially suicidal until Valentine calmed him down and convinced him to stay on the vehicle.[16][17] Posteriorly, after Valentine and Oliveira managed to make rail transport work again, reports differ each other about actions taken with the start of the U.B.C.S. evacuation plan began. One them points out that due to Zinoviev's apparent death during the search for the repair of the railway vehicle, Viktor, Oliviera and Valentine drove toward to St. Michael's Clock Tower.[18] Already another indicates that Viktor left on the vehicle with Valentine, Zinoviev and the civilian survivors after instructing Olivera and Patrick to look for Dr. Nathaniel Bard, an Umbrella scientist whose vaccine research could help save what remains of the city.[13] Either way, in both accounts, the remnants of U.B.C.S. managed to make the railway vehicle functional and hoped to use it to chart a safe escape route.


"Get off my train, shitbird."
— Mikhail's last words to Nemesis before sacrificing himself in an explosion.
RE3 2020 Raccoon City Trailer - Mikhail suicide bombing

Viktor sacrifices himself to stop Nemesis.

Accounts differ as to how Viktor died. In one telling, before the cable car can reach its destination the group are attacked by the Nemesis-T Type. Being seriously wounded, Mikhail orders Jill to leave the cable car as he attempts to fend off the Tyrant. Viktor makes a brief last stand using the last of the ammunition in his assault rifle. Mikhail runs out of ammo and is brutally beaten by Nemesis before being thrown to the other side of the cable car, as the Tyrant approaches Viktor to finish him off he pulls out a grenade and pulls the pin as he mutters "You lose." to the creature in a sacrificial attempt to kill the B.O.W.[19]

In another telling, Nemesis attacks the train car, having already killed the survivors on board. Viktor and Jill watch in horror. As the creature tears the train apart, Nikolai takes advantage of the situation and makes his way to another cart of the train locking the door as Jill attempts to unlock it, the treacherous Russian only explains "It's not after me." to Jill. Jill turns around to see Viktor desperately attacking the Tyrant with a pistol and can only helplessly watch as the creature impales him with one of its tentacles and pulls him towards it. In one last act of defiance and in a desperate attempt to kill it, the Captain activates the C4 explosive with the ensuing explosion derailing the train but also temporarily incapacitating the creature.[13]

Whatever the account, Nemesis survived the explosion and continued hunting Jill. However, his sacrifice was not entirely in vain, as the explosion jettisoned Nemesis from the car, leaving Jill safe for the moment and allowing her to escape from an otherwise hopeless encounter.



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