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The Rockfort Island Military Training Center[1] was an elite training camp located on Rockfort Island, and was the primary training camp for Umbrella's paramilitary forces, the Umbrella Security Service and Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. The facility was destroyed during the 1998 Rockfort Island incident.


By the 1990s, the Umbrella Corporation had swelled to the extent a larger paramilitary was necessary, having already established the USS as an elite security force and the UBCS as a biohazard containment force. Rockfort Island was picked as the spot for training to take place, being a far-off private island owned by Alfred Ashford, 7th Earl Ashford, a newly hired executive with familial ties to the corporation. In the process of converting the island to Umbrella's needs, the resident Spanish settler population was evicted from the island and their village destroyed to make room for new facilities. The training center itself was built around a church, with B.O.W. testing and viral research labs stored underground in caverns the settlers once used as a cemetery. Completion of the facility took place on 8 December 1993.[2][excerpt 1]


Resident Evil Archives - page 231

An Archives description of the center.

The facility was built around an abandoned church used by the Spanish settlers on the island, of whom Rodrigo Juan Raval is a descendent. This church would be used for storage as well as to house an elevator to the underground catacombs where the settlers' tombs were kept.

The facility features among other things, a full sized working tank displayed in an outside courtyard (part of Alfred's private collection) a repair garage, underground B.O.W. and virus storage facilities, direct access to the subterranean airport, an industrial cargo elevator and turntable, a large bath house with sauna, administration offices and a sophisticated control room. Because of heavy damage suffered during Wesker's attack, areas of the facility are inaccessible by the time Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside arrive to explore it. Later damage caused by the island's self-destruct sequence leaves the facility heavily damaged but still standing in places. This allows Chris Redfield to move around much of the facility, although the west side is all but completely inaccessible by this time. The facility was later abandoned along with the rest of the island.

Room list[]

Further notes[]

There is a German Tiger I tank in the center which hides a secret elevator leading to a hangar.




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