The assembly plaza (集会広場?)[1] was an area of the military training center on Rockfort Island.


It is a large compound composed of concrete wall and floors that are filled with barrels. A stairs leads up to a small corridor separating the entry to the control room and the northern corridor. There is also an indentation of a blue plate and a relief that is carved on the wall.


During the first visit, a cutscene will trigger as Claire steps onto the compound, where she is ambush by Alfred, who armed with a sniping rifle. Alfred will proceed to fire his weapon but misses Claire, hitting the barrels instead causing explosion inside the compound. Assuming Claire's control, the player must rush to the stairs to avoid Alfred's gun fire; this also causes Alfred to escape the compound. The entry to the control room will be locked from the other side, leaving the player to enter the northern corridor of the military training center.


First Floor
Location Localization Original script
Ladder to the underground area (While chasing Alfred) I must follow Alfred!
Ladder to the underground area Climb down the ladder? >Yes/No
Second Floor
Entry to the control room It's locked from the other side.
The indentation There is an indentation on the indigo blue plate.
Relief on the wall A relief is carved. It looks very old.
The identation (after using Eagle Plate) There's nothing let.
First Floor
Hole on the floor The Eagle Plate has flown into the sewer. There seems to be a passage below.
Destroyed identation The eagle plate has been set here...
Second Floor
Relief on the wall A relief is carved here. It seems to be very old.
Where was the identation It's horribly collapsed...




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