The biological laboratory (生物実験室?)[1] was an area of the military training center on Rockfort Island.


A quiet room with broken tubes, biological cases, a computer and other laboratory equipments. Some blood traces towards the scientist's corpse (previously seen killed by a Bandersnatch), and near it there's a shutter at the end of the room; the same shutter where the first Bandersnatch Claire fought came from. A security camera, previously used from the control room, and some Albinoid Infants can been seen in the ceiling towards the southwest side of the room. To the right of the shutter (near along with the corpse), there's only one remaining test tube with an Albinoid Infant inside.


Once you enter the room, to the right side of Claire, you can go and pick Acid Rounds on top of the desk. After that, there's the Skeleton Picture in the back of the room, turn around the corpse blocking the way to reach it. Once Claire picks up the portrait, the Albinoid Infant inside the only safe tube breaks out setting off the alarm, and then runs out of the room through the air duct (the Albinoid Adult that Chris fights later on). The Albinoids that were hiding and stuck in the ceiling will attack Claire while a 45sec countdown appears for the shutter in the security room corridor to close off the whole area due to the biohazard.


Location Localization Original script
Cases Experimental objects may have been put inside.
Corpse He is already dead...
Broken tubes (north side of the room) It's cracked. Maybe something escaped through the crack?
Broken tubes (middle of the room) It's cracked...

It was destroyed from the inside with great force.

Refrigerated cabinets There's nothing useful.
Shutter It doesn't seem to be working now. I can't opent it.
The only intact tube with an Albinoid It appears to be alive. the capsule is labeled "Baby Albinoid".
The previously intact tube I wonder where the creature escaped to?




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